Do Squirrels Eat Roses? Why! How to Protect Them?

Have you ever seen squirrels in your garden and wondered what they are doing there? They might be looking for food! Squirrels love to eat things that grow in gardens, like fruits, nuts, and vegetables. So when they are hanging out in your yard, they might be looking for something yummy to eat. It’s important to remember that squirrels need to eat too, and sometimes they might choose to eat the things in your garden. But you can also take steps to protect your garden by using special covers or fences to keep the squirrels away.[acf field=”Schema”]

Squirrels have no limitation in their diet and they love to eat whatever they found edible. Generally, they eat nuts, fruits, and vegetables. They like to eat insects, birds eggs, seeds, flowers, and sometimes even insects. Squirrels do not stick to one food and always try to taste new things. They have strong taste buds and once they try the new thing they become fond of it. These eating habits make them survive in urban areas. Whenever they get the chance they try to inhabitants’ backyard garden to enjoy fresh vegetables, ripped fruits, seeds and flowers. They are a food lover like a human. Here a question arrives: does a squirrel eat a rose from your garden? 

Let us help you to find the answer in detail and tell you how you can keep them away from your plants. 

Do Squirrels Eat Roses

Do Squirrels Eat Roses? 

You may be surprised by the answer that the squirrels do eat roses especially they eat the young rose bush before it reaches adulthood because it does not have many horns at that stage. Tree squirrels usually bother roses and other plants as well. They actually make a mess of your garden by digging bulb. 

If you find squirrels eating and stealing your roses in your garden, you definitely want to protect them. After all, it’s not an easy task to grow a rose plant. It will be hard for you to see your beautiful plant vanishing overnight and all your efforts going to waste. 

You can use natural preventives placed in and around the soil to prevent the squirrel from coming to your garden and damaging your plants and flowers. You can place garlic, hot peppers, mothball, cayenne pepper to protect your garden. You can also use wire mesh, aluminum foil, and spiky forks around your roses to deterrent squirrels. 

The methods depend upon the design of your garden. 

What Damages Do Squirrel Do To Roses?

Squirrels love to feast on juicy parts of flowers. They eat young shoots and stems of fresh roses and especially if they are recently reported. Squirrels often break down the whole rose plant in the desire to bite off the rose stem pulling them down to rose bloom and rosehip. They sometimes also chomp on rose leaves to enjoy the trapped moisture inside them. They also enjoy digging holes to expose stems and enjoy them. This damage the stem and also rose plant 

What Can Help To Protect Your Roses? 

There are many methods to deter squirrels from your rose plant however it is recommended to stay away from commercial products as they are harmful to your plants as well as the soil. Mostly they contain pesticides and chemicals which can kill a squirrel. Our motive is just to keep them away from the rose plant rather than kill them as this is un humane. There are two types of a deterrent, smell or taste deterrent, and physical deterrent. 

can squirrels chew through wire mesh

Smell OR Taste Deterrent : 

Taste and smell deterrent is used to deterrent squirrels from coming to your garden. You can place different food things that taste and smell foul to squirrels and the squirrels think twice while coming close to roses or think it better to visit another garden to search for food. 

Capsaicin : 

It is a chemical used to make jalapenos and habaneros hot. Coincidently it deters the squirrels and also it is disliked by people who hate spicy food. Capsaicin is found in cyanine pepper or red pepper flakes or hot peppers. There are different kinds of solutions you can do to keep squirrels away from a rose plant. You can make a hot pepper spray. to make hot pepper spray you need 

A spray bottle 

3 litter water and 

3 tablespoon hot pepper flakes or 1 tablespoon tabasco sauce. Simmer your hot pepper flakes or tobacco sauce in 3-liter water and mix it well. This will infuse oil from hot pepper flakes in water. Let it sit in water for 24hours. After 24 hours is a biodegradable soap in this mixture and spray it on a single rose-leaf before applying it to the whole plant. leave the spray for 2 to 3 days and see whether the rose plant can tolerate that hot pepper spray. If the rose-leaf tolerates that mixture, spray it on the whole plant.

Repeat this procedure after every 2 to 3 days, you can spray it on surrounding plants and soil as well to deter squirrels. 

Garlic spray: 

You can make garlic spray squirrel away from roses. 

For garlic spray, you will need, 

A spray bottle 

2 minced garlic clove 

1 tablespoon olive oil 

3 litter water 

Mix the garlic mince and olive oil in water for 48 hours. After 48 hours mix it with a few drops of biodegradable natural soap. Now spray it on the roses and surroundings every three to five days. 

Appealing Plants : 

You can grow some unappealing plants near your roses that repel squirrels. Those flowers may seem u pretty but for squirrels, they act as a repellent because squirrels do not like their taste and smell. These plants are 

● Yarrows 

● Foxgloves 

● Bleeding hearts 

● Blanket flowers 

● Daylilies 

● Bee balms 

● Dahlias 


● Coneflowers


Naphthalene is used to protect your cloth from being eaten by the moth but coincidently the squirrels also do not like its smell. You can through a couple of mothballs in your garden and you will see that squirrels will not dare to approach your rose plant. 

Chicken Manure : 

The squirrels dislike the smell of chick manure. It can also serve as a fertilizer to your rose occasionally. 

Physical Deterrent : 

A physical deterrent works better for small flowers or young flowers or flowers that have not fully developed. The physical deterrent is a good way to keep squirrels away from your rose plant and other plants. Physical deterrent is 

Wire mesh : 

Aluminum foil

Hanging baskets 

Flat rocks 

Plastic forks: 

sports cone: 

Wire mesh : 

To protect roses coming to your garden or rose plant you can use physical deterrents such as metal wire mesh, chicken wire, and cattle fencing. Metal wire mesh is a cage around the young roses. Be careful about the holes in the mesh, the holes should be small enough so that the squirrel does not squeeze them. You can place a bird net or tulle over the cage and clip it with a clothespin. Make sure that you leave enough space for young roses to grow or breathe. For roosts cover it with wire mesh. try to put a metal fence around your garden to protect it from squirrels and different other animals. 

Aluminum foil: 

Wrap the rose step or plant pot with aluminum foil. As the squirrels hate the reflectiveness from the foil paper and do not dare to come near your plant. You can

also cut strips of aluminum foil and hang them to the old rose plant. You can use strings to hang them or simply hang the aluminum foil strips with thorns. 

Hanging basket : 

For young roses or small pots, use hanging baskets upside down. this will help to keep away the squirrels from digging the pot and protect them from damaging the flower. 

Flat rocks: 

You can place a heavy flat rock under your rose plant. This will prevent squirrels from digging the roots. Make sure that the rock is much heavy so that they do not lift it. There should be balance in rock being light enough so that the roots can breathe and heavy enough so that the squirrels cannot lift them. 

Plastic forks: 

This is an ugly solution but works well to keep squirrels away from damaging roses. Buy some plastic forks from the market and buried them near the roses with the handle down .when the squirrel will dig the soil, it will find spiky forks and immediately go back.

Sports cones: 

One way to keep squirrels away from your roses is to use a special cone that you can make yourself. First, buy a plastic cone and cut it in half so you can put it around the base of the roses. Then, put some chili flakes on the cone and add some small rocks inside it. Cover the rocks with more chili flakes, and then put some dirt on top. Finally, put some more chili flakes on top of the dirt. This might seem like a strange way to keep squirrels away, but it really works! The cone and the chili flakes create a barrier that squirrels don’t like. With all these methods combined, you can stop squirrels from coming into your garden and protect your roses from damage.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q1:Do squirrels eat roses? 

Yes, squirrels do eat roses and mostly prefer the young and underdeveloped flower. the reason behind this is that the young flowers have fewer thorns and are more succulent.

Q2:How can I keep squirrels away from my roses? 

You can use physical deterrents and smell and taste deterrents to keep squirrels away. Physical deterrents are aluminum foil, mesh wire, plastic forks, mothballs, etc, and smell and taste deterrents are hot pepper, cayenne pepper, garlic sprays, etc. 

Q3:Do red squirrels eat roses? 

Yes, red squirrels also eat roses. A wide range of plants can be planted to benefit red squirrels such as raspberry, dog rose, wild cherry, bird cherry, brambles, etc.

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