Do Possums Eat Squirrels? Are They Dangerous?

Do possums eat squirrels? It might sound surprising, but yes, possums eat squirrels. Possums eat both plants and animals, including small creatures like squirrels. Although squirrels are fast, possums are even faster and can outrun squirrels. If a squirrel runs into its hole to hide from a possum, the possum can still catch it and have it for dinner.[acf field=”Schema”]

do possums eat squirrels

Possums aren’t pests, just not rats. A female kangaroo is a marsupial animal like a possum. This animal can expose their teeth and show their fangs if they feel endangered. There are several possum species. Let’s read this post to find out whether they like rodents and eat them.

Do Possums Eat Squirrels?

Squirrels can be eaten by possums. Possums are scavenger omnivores, meaning they eat both plants and animals. They would deplete all available capital.
Possums eat small rodents, mollusks, slugs, spiders, and snakes, among other things. Vegetables, berries, nuts, and fruits are all part of a vegetarian’s diet. They tend to scavenge the rubbish bins in metropolitan environments for something that seems remotely edible or that might be used to feed a pet bird.

And though possums are nocturnal, they hunt at night. Although they are nocturnal, they may encounter anything during the night. The senses of smell and hearing are used by most bat species to navigate. This is an optimal period for the local possum population to hunt when food is large, making it simpler to capture.

Though young and healthy, squirrels are particularly vulnerable to possum attacks. Squirrels are most often active at dawn and dusk, at which time possums are on the prowl.

If given a chance, a possum may attempt to catch a squirrel. Sharp teeth, expandable jaws to maim or tear apart an unsuspecting squirrel. Also, a possum can invade a young squirrel’s home and steal its young.

As a defensive, squirrels can make a fast retreat into their hole to escape the possum. It is very simple for squirrels to be the victor in such a war, but not a possum. This causes squirrels to lose. If it fled, the alarm would sound to summon other squirrels.

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What Else Do Possums Eat?

The broad diet of various possums is for both plants and animals. Bare-tailed possums love tree nectar. In general, the Derby hare loves everything that grows on pepper plants. The brown-eared possum especially enjoys the berries. The Virginia snakelike snail enjoys the taste of both fresh and decaying flesh. This grey possum loves crayfish, amphibians, and snakes. 

what do possums eat


These species are simpler to trap. The possums are very good at catching prey with their sharp claws, long front feet, and long sharp teeth. These animals are an excellent source of protein and animal fat.

Amphibians and Reptiles: 

These meaty snacks are great for both raccoons and bobcats. They are an excellent source of niacin, phosphorous, manganese, and trace elements, particularly for possum fur and body warmth.

Tree sap nectar: 

Plant-based nutrients are essential for a possum’ Possums to get to this sweet nectar in punctures of trees; they even make tiny insertions with razor-sharp teeth.

Fruits and pepper vines: 

This is an antioxidant, carbohydrate, and vitamin-rich food for possums. Wherever fruit has dropped, possums will typically discover and consume it.

Carrion and garbage matter: 

This is a list of foodstuffs people are consuming in periods of hunger. They are just a way to put food on the table because there are no other options. Carrion may serve as both a food source of proteins and a source of harmful parasites.

What Do Possums Eat To Trap?

Do you fear the possum tearing through your garbage or harming your pets? It would be best if you captured them very easily. It should be said that possums are an intrusive nuisance if there are several ticks in the vicinity.

Possums are thought to be capable of devouring 5000 ticks per year. Several bone and joint disorders are considered to be associated with tick disease. Unless you have questions regarding your house or cats, it is safest to leave possums to clean up after them.

To be careful when attracting possums, you must avoid attracting other species. Every fowl, vermin, every horse, and all manner of other wildlife want to snack on your bait.

About the fact that anise oil can only cause possums, anise oil can be used on bread. They enjoy sweetbreads, strawberries, and several other fruits and desserts. Fill the trap with the food. Food is at risk if you aren’t vigilant in securing it.

Curious Fact:

Possums enjoy hot dogs, and they are completely obsessed with them. A hot dog tied to a stick in a snare is the ideal place to catch a possum. It makes it difficult to get the hot dog off, allowing the trap time to set the trigger a moment to cool off.

The cage you want should be around 30 to 40 to 36 inches long and be at least 12 inches tall. It is best to measure the correct size for a possum trap to purchase a cat cage. Since possums have sharp teeth, the cage should be constructed of concrete.

What Do Baby Possums Eat?

The newborn infant possums may be as short as the bee honeybees. They are hardly pests, but they can consume household insects that are present. Foods they want to include are:

  • Slugs and Snails
  • Small rodents like toads, locusts, gnats, and flies.
  • Frogs
  • Plants and Fruits
  • Grains
  • Dead animals
  • Dog and cat food

This suggests that all the possums, young and old, want to consume a wide variety of foods. They would devour the carcass even though some pests leave it behind. Female opossums carry their young in their bellies for the first six months of their lives. If they get something at all, they’ll be satisfied.

Baby possums need a lot of calcium in their food. People have lower demands for nutrients as they have access to bones and other foods that seem repugnant to us. They are also too small to hunt on their own, and they are not strong enough to defend against prey.

It is almost certain that young possums can consume all living prey and fruit falling from a tree. They can’t scale a log, catch a bug, or fully digest a mouse. People are very prepared to settle for mediocrity when it comes to food if they can only get to it.


If the opportunity arises, possums may attack and eat young squirrels. The possum’s razor-like jaws can quickly rip through the squirrel. Until the squirrel is within its hole, the possum has the advantage. Possums are swift, but squirrels are no match for them.

It is simpler for non-fruit-eating mammals, such as possums, to consume than a squirrel. It would help if you kept an eye out for wild foxes and birds of prey.


Q1:Do possums attack squirrels?

Possums consume prey of a size less than that they would eat. They won’t do that to another dog that is of the same size. Most squirrels are adults, but little possums keep away from them. If the animal is deceased or sick, they’ll certainly consume it.

Q2:Should I kill a possum in my yard?

Do not be afraid if you see an opossum in the backyard. They are set to depart soon. But far from becoming a pest, opossums can help garden problems like slug-feeding slugs, bugs, and even tiny rodents.

Q3:What eats an opossum?

The probability is that some bigger animal would be savaging an opossum. This species includes foxes, coyotes, coyote-like animals, and animals like hawks and owls who hunt for food. Opossums are commonly cooked and eaten in certain cultures as well.

Q4:What fruits can possums eat?

Additionally, possums can consume larvae, caterpillars, grubs, snails, bird’s nests, and fledgling animals. Fresh fruit and vegetables, almonds, nuts, blackberries, melons, pineapples, avocados, and blackberries fruits: apples, pears, bananas, and grapes.

Q5:What smell do possums hate?

You will sprinkle pet fur all over your property to keep possums away; cat or dog urine is a majorly effective deterrent. Alternatively, you might attempt to place chlorine, mothballs, or garlic around your home since these are all odors that possums find repulsive.

Q6:Will possums attack you?

An opossum is not usually biting people but has been reported to be very violent and greedy. Opossums may resort to physical violence, if necessary, to preserve their children.

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