Do Squirrels Drink Water? When And Where? How Often?

You may have seen squirrels eating nuts, fruits, veggies, and many other things but have you ever seen a squirrel drinking water? Do they drink water? Have you ever thought about where they get water and how much they require? [acf field=”Schema”]

Do Squirrels Drink Water

Water is a basic component of all living things. Living things cannot survive without water, just like all other animals squirrels also drink water. They actually drink a lot of water, especially in the summer season. They need water to survive. They need more water in pregnancy and in lactation. And if they do not get enough water from a natural source, there is no harm in helping them. There is no special infrastructure for the animal to find water so they find it on their own. Squirrels find water in streams, rivers, pet bowls, bird feeders, and other water bodies. Animals have different ways of drinking water and if you think about squirrels, you will find they drink water by moving their head close to the water level and taking it with their tongue. And if you’re feeding them water with the bottle, they will hold it like a human and drink it. The water they drink isn’t always clean but they need to drink it regardless of its cleanliness. They drink water from any source they find. 

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How Do Squirrels Drink Water? 

These little creatures drink water in the same way as the other animals as cats and dogs drink. If you give them water in the bowl, they will move their head close to the water and take it with their tongue. The squirrels position themselves near water bodies and they do not extend their tongue so far. 

If you give them water in a bottle, they will grip the bottle like humans and drink it from the opening. 

In urban areas and human-populated areas, they drink water from any water body, from fountains, sprinkles, bird feeders, bottles, and even lap the dew on the leaves. Feeding water in the bowl to squirrels will help them and they will not search for water anywhere else. If you feed water in the bowl, do not forget to empty it at night. Because other nocturnal animals like raccoons can become drawn to it. If you’re feeding baby squirrels, put some rocks into the water. Fill up the bowl up to the level of rock so that the squirrels learn to drink water. It is recommended to place the bowl under the tree so that there will be less chance of exposure to predators. If you leave the water bowl in an open place, the squirrel will be exposed to many flying predators. 

How Often Squirrels Drink Water: 

Squirrels always need a lot of water especially when the weather is hot. You have to feed them twice a day. They need more water in pregnancy and when it is lactating. This is also the same when they are in the wild. Squirrels always need clean water to drink. animals can live without food for 5 to 8 days but they cannot live without water. So they will drink water from any possible source regardless if it is clean or not. 

How Much Water They Need To Drink ?

The human body contains almost 60 percent water to maintain it. Similarly, all animals and living things also need water to maintain their body. The amount of water depends upon the age, gender, weather, and place where squirrels live. Generally, a squirrel needs 30 to 60 ml water daily which means 3 teaspoons daily. But this varies for different squirrel varieties. The newborn mom needs more water because of lactation. The squirrels living in hot weather require more water .females need more water from males during pregnancy.

Where Do Squirrel Get Water In Summer?

Squirrels are also seed eaters like birds so they get more thirsty quickly. In the summer they get more thirsty and travel miles in search of water and food. They get water from taps, faucets, bird feeders, birdbaths, pools, and from any source. Unlike cats and dogs, they do not care whether it is clean or dirty. Squirrels also follow birds and see from where they get water. If it rains and water remains in places such as roads, holes, rocks, the squirrel drinks them too. 

Where Do Squirrels Get Water In Winter? 

Squirrels do not hibernate during winters like other animals do but they sleep long in their den. They usually do not go out in winters and rest for a few months. Squirrels store food for winters but what about water? How do they get water in winters? do they also store water as they store food? 

The answer to this question is they do not store water, They get it from snowfall and from bird feeders which people usually place for birds. But in the wild, it is very difficult to find water. They also get water from insects and wild fruits grapes, bananas, oranges, and pears. They also get water from vegetables. 

Bird Feeder

If you have a greenhouse, it is a better source of food and water. Along with these sources, they absorb water from moist places where it has rained. It rains frequently in winters and leaves water on trees and leaves, bird feeders pots. Squirrels run away to drink water when it has rained. The water after rain is warm and they can drink it easily. Squirrels don’t have sweat glands on their feet so they do not lose much water in winter. Instead, they lose water in peeing, chasing, and mating. But in winter they do not mate or chase so they lose very little water and they need very little to drink. 

How Squirrels Get Water In The Wild : 

Similar to other rodents like rabbits, chipmunks they chose lakes, ponds, and standing water to drink wild, they drink water from fruits and vegetables. If the fruits and vegetables are not available they choose succulent plants to drink water. 

Red And Flying Squirrels? 

There is a bit of difference between ground and red, flying and grey squirrels but there is no difference in how they take water. However, the need and amount of water differ in grey, red and flying squirrels. Grey squirrels are bigger in size so they consume more water while red and flying squirrels are small in size and need less water. 

Should You Put Water For Squirrels: 

It is very helpful and humane to put water in the summers for squirrels. It will benefit squirrels and birds as well. But if you have a birdbath there is no need to place a separate will be a cruel act to let them die due to lack of water. 


What ELSE Do Squirrels Drink Other Than Water? 

Like squirrels have a variety of food in their diet, they also love to drink different beverages like beer, alcohol, and sugary drinks other than water. The sugary drinks consist of Fanta, Coke, Pepsi, sprite, and other drinks like tea but only sugary tea. Since they don’t find them naturally, they try to snatch wherever they find them. Some people also feed them intentionally to see their reaction while drinking such sugary drinks. 

To Sum Up: 

To sum up, squirrels drink water and drink a lot of water. They drink more water in hot weather, during pregnancy, and when it’s lactating. They drink water by moving their head close to it and

lap it with their tongues like a dog and cat. They drink water from any water source they find, regardless of its cleanliness. You can put water in a bowl to help them in hot summers and save them from dying due to lack of water. The squirrels require 30ml to 60ml water daily which is almost 3 teaspoons. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q1:Do squirrels drink water? 

Yes, squirrels drink water and cannot live without water. They usually drink more water in hot weather. 

Q2:How often do they drink water? 

They usually drink water twice a day but a feeding mother needs more water probably 3 to 4 times a day. 

Q3:Do baby squirrels need water? 

A baby squirrel does not need water, in fact, he only drinks his mother’s milk which is 87 % water. 

Q4:How long can a squirrel survive without water? 

Squirrels cannot live without water. squirrels can live 5 to 8 days without food but they need water on a daily basis.

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