Can Squirrels Eat Peanut Butter? Is It Dangerous?

Squirrels are very active animals they are small in size but are very tough in nature. They usually pass their time while eating and sleeping and the rest of the time, they prefer storing a good amount of food for later use.[acf field=”Schema”]

Can Squirrels Eat Peanut Butter

Mostly the squirrels are more into eating fruits, vegetables, and nuts and this is what a layman knows about a squirrel’s food intake. But most of the people up there who keep them as a pet in their houses prefer feeding them with peanuts and corn types of food.

Now, before this question arises in your mind that what things are good for them and what are not, or if you wonder what could be the best thing to feed your pet squirrels or other ones.

Well, it is really very important to know all the important things regarding the food you are feeding them. There are some of the points a squirrel owner should look forward to;

Let’s begin!

Can Squirrels Eat Peanut Butter?

Yes, for sure! The squirrels eat the peanuts and peanut butter very happily. And to overcome and fulfill the needs of other nutrients which are essential for their growth, they prefer having flowers, plants, and insects in their diet.

If you like eating peanuts then you may find this fact interesting that just like so many other nuts your squirrels also like to eat peanuts. Many people feed the squirrels with peanuts. But they lately unaware of its qualities and the benefits they provide to the squirrels.

Though they make sure of the quantity they do not focus on what nutrients do peanut diet lacks. So, actually, the fact is that peanuts are very good for the squirrels but at the same time, it does not have all the nutrients a squirrel requires.

Moreover, the Peanuts are kind of a soft nut when we compare it to many other nuts up there. The harder nuts make the teeth of the squirrels even stronger which is indeed a good and interesting fact.

Making it clearer to you;

Peanuts are very healthy for squirrels and so is peanut butter but some of the facts should be kept in mind.

 Let’s talk more about peanut butter specifically!

Will They Eat Peanut Butter?

Probably yes! The squirrels love having food and they only live for the food. They will go for eating peanut butter all the time they will feel hungry. So, if you will give them for once they will come again and again to you for having it more.

Peanut Butter

After when they become habitual of having peanut butter in their diet they go crazy for them and this is the reason why people mostly use peanut butter in their traps to catch them.

Well, this is a good idea for catching the squirrels!!!

No doubt, that peanut butter is what makes them go crazy as it is one of their loveable food items. The only thing you need to keep in mind while feeding the squirrels with peanut butter is that you should ensure that the butter is not salty.

They indeed love eating peanut butter but at the start, it will take some time to get used to the taste of the peanut butter and after they will develop that tint of taste then they will go for it anytime you will give it to them.

How Do The Squirrels Get Attracted To The Peanut Butter?

Squirrels easily get attracted to peanut butter due to its smell and wonderful taste. There is a trick to feed the squirrels with peanut butter and for that, you can present the combination of peanut butter and peanuts.

By doing this the squirrels will definitely run to have the peanut butter and peanuts since they like it so much.

What Do The Squirrels Love About Peanut Butter?

The squirrels are very much enthusiastic and opportunistic in nature when it comes to having food. They are not choosy or picky regarding the food. So, there are very few food items to which these little creatures avoid eating.

You will see the squirrels going crazy to eat peanut butter and this is a good thing. These little critters are in love with the taste of peanuts and peanut butter.

An interesting fact;

You might be unaware of this thing that a jar of peanut butter with a weight of 12 ounces takes about 540 peanuts in its making. And the nutrients of all 540 peanuts are there in a jar of 12 ounces.

Importantly all of the facts are very important for you to know about the squirrels. The vitamins and many other nutrients are important for the proper growth of the squirrels.

Raw Peanuts Can Harm The Squirrels:

Many of the squirrels eat peanut butter very happily. If you want squirrels to be your friends then you can try feeding them the peanut butter. Or you can offer them some of the peanuts only they will be very happy to have them.

Peanut butter is very good for the squirrel’s health and fortunately, these squirrels loving eating that.

However, the raw peanut can harm your tiny squirrels. The reason behind this fact is that peanuts have fungal toxins in them which can affect the level of the squirrels.

Whereas when we talk about peanut butter it is very important to know that the peanut butter is made under good supervision. The factories which produce the peanut butter make sure that all of the fungal toxins should be removed from the peanuts.

So, in this way, the peanut butter does not harm the squirrels unless it is fed in an appropriate quantity.

Which Type of Peanut Butter Is Good For Squirrels?

There are so many brands of peanut butter up there in the market. All of the brands have their own quantity of adding salt and other things in their product, many brands add a little amount of salt in their peanut butter.

However, this quantity of salt in the peanut butter is pretty much good for humans to consume. This will not affect human beings. But, when it comes to the squirrels only this much salt is considered to be very high for their consumption.

If the squirrels consume more salty peanut butter then their kidney will stop working. The overdose of the salt can result in kidney failure or it may also cause their death.

Luckily, the natural peanut butter is very good in taste and there is no salt in them. If you want to provide your squirrels with the best of the feed then you should go for the natural peanut butter.

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Are Squirrels Choosy About Food?

Squirrels are the little scavengers. You will never find them as moody or picky eaters rather, they love eating. Saying that they live for food would not be wrong at all.

They have a natural appetite for eating vegetables, fruits, and nuts such as apples, berries, walnuts, acorns, and many others.

If you are planning to keep squirrels at your homes as a pet then the idea is not actually bad. This is a very good decision because in this way you can take care of the food they eat. The squirrels do not take care of themselves while selecting the food they just focus on eating.

Moreover, it is important to provide your pet squirrels a balanced diet else they will eat whatever they get and this act of carelessness can also cause the death of these innocent creatures.

While interacting with the squirrels it is important to know about the food which should be there for them. All of the essential information is what you need to know.

Warning For Younger Squirrels:

If you are planning to feed baby squirrels with peanut butter then this will not go to work at all. It barely depends upon the age of the squirrel. If they are babies then it is important to feed them with Esbilac powder. But do not give them peanut butter to eat.

Best quantity for squirrels to eat peanut butter:

Squirrels are so foody they love eating whatever is available and for this, they do not care about the quantity.

But, this can be an alarming situation!

If the squirrels are eating ordinary brand’s peanut butter then you must focus on them because the excessive intake can lead them to death. If they eat natural peanut butter then the quantity has another limit.

Let us see what quantity should be given to the squirrels. If you want them to be happy and healthy then you must feed them in moderation. You should give them peanut butter only once a week and at that time it should be only half a spoon not more than this.

Can Squirrels Eat Shelled Peanuts?

Yes! These are more preferred for the tiny bushy squirrels. They like to have something to gnaw. Gnawing is a good habit for them as it strengthens their teeth and makes them healthier.

They just love eating these peanuts. Their foody sense is very good and they eat so many things of their choice. Many of the squirrels gnaw a lot and this helps them in so many ways.

This makes their gums exercise more and also helps them from getting more proteins. So you can give them shelled peanuts too.

Things you should never feed your squirrels:

Though these little scavengers eat everything they get still there are some of the things which should never be given to the squirrels. For example, you should not give them any kind of junk food such as salty chips, or sweet snacks.

Other than this you should avoid giving them the pizzas because the pizza crust is not good for their health.

Wrapping up:

Summing up all of the points, you have come across that feeding a squirrel is a very relaxing and lovely activity. But all you need to know is that what is the right way and right time to feed these little critters.

Almost all of the squirrels enjoy eating and having peanut butter. If you will naturally feed them then it would be great for them. But on the other hand, it is very important to give them chance for choosing different food items for them keeping in mind all the nutrition those food items offer.

Moreover, Peanut butter is the most loved food item for squirrels. But you should not make them part of their everyday food. The reason behind avoiding peanuts in a daily diet is that there are a lot of fungal toxins in raw peanuts.

But this is the only case with the raw peanuts not with the peanut butter. But it is important to specify the quantity and quality of the peanut butter.

All of the essential information is provided in this article you can take help from this if you are really concerned with taking good care of them.

Furthermore, if you will provide them good care and food they will love you and become your friends easily.  


Q1:Is peanut butter harmful to squirrels? 

Peanut butter has all the qualities of a squirrel need to have in their diet. But this is not the case with raw peanuts.

Yes, it can be harmful to them if they eat a large amount of peanut butter. It has almost all the nutrients a squirrel’s body needs to have but if a large amount of peanut butter is consumed then it can make them overfed. So you must take care of the moderation.

Q2:How Do You feed squirrels?

It is important for a person who has kept the squirrels as pets to know what and how should he feed the squirrels. It is very obvious that the squirrels love the food and can eat anything available to them.

But, you should properly feed them with the best quality and quantity of food. If you are planning to give them peanut butter then you should put half a spoon on the bread and give them to eat.

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