Plants That Repel Squirrels Naturally.

Squirrels are wild creatures that will raid your garden and eat everything they find delicious and good-looking. They may look cute, but they will destroy your flowers, fruits, and vegetables if they enter your garden.[acf field=”Schema”]

They belong to the outdoors, and if you are a gardener, it is necessary to keep your garden safe. If you enjoy gardening and want to keep the squirrels away, you can plant some flowers that repel squirrels. Some plant’s smells can keep the pesky squirrels at bay and protect your garden.

Plants That Repel Squirrels

Moreover, squirrels love to dig and play around in gardens, and after researching a bit, we have found out that some plants can repel them while adding beauty to your garden. Here are the top 9 plants that repel squirrels.


When it comes to providing beautiful scenery and keeping the plants from squirrels, daffodils are the best choice for this situation. Daffodil bulbs have a bitter taste; squirrels and other animals don’t like that taste and leave it alone. When daffodils are planted with other plants, it can keep the squirrels away, and that’s how much they dislike the taste of daffodils.


Daffodils are easy to grow, and they range in colors that add beauty to your garden while protecting it. They bloom very early compared to other flowers, and even in winter, they bloom at the end of frost.

The pungent smell of this plant keeps squirrels at bay and can stop other wildlife animals like rabbits and deers. Their flowers and appearance attract butterflies, increase the garden’s beauty, and keep other plants safe from squirrels.

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Alliums are other plants whose smell is hated by squirrels, and it is enough to keep them at bay. They release spicy and savory odors that humans may love, but squirrels don’t like it and stay as far away as possible as it irritates their noses. Furthermore, they grow annually, either in summer or winter.


Garlic and onions are a variety of alliums, which is why their strong smell keeps critters away. They come in many shapes, colors and make star-shaped flowers that increase the beauty of your garden.

However, you need to plant these plants as they won’t grow from year to year, but you will need to re-plant new flowers next year.

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3.Bleeding Heart

Bleeding hearts are one of the repellent flowers that squirrels dislike, and due to their pungent smell, they can protect close-by plants. They cannot protect other plants like daffodil or alliums, but they are easy to plant.

While looking beautiful, they do not have good taste, keep the squirrels away, and critters hate even their smell. They have heart-shaped flowers that are eye-catching and provides beauty to your garden.

Bleeding Heart

If you are looking to enhance your beauty more than protecting your garden, you should use the bleeding heart not to protect other plants.


Irises don’t taste that bad as other squirrel-repellant plants, but squirrels don’t eat unless they are on the verge of hunger. When you plant these with other strong squirrel repellants, squirrels may tend to eat them.


They come in various colors, including pink, purple, red, orange, and much more. As they require simple caring, making it easy to grow and take care of it. Furthermore, they don’t taste that good, and squirrels don’t like it that much enough to keep them away if they are not experiencing hunger.


Hyacinths are a source of beauty, especially in the spring season, and their pungent smell and taste are enough to keep the critters like squirrels away. It is easy to grow these plants and are known as bluebells as they are blue and shaped like bells.


Humans love their fragrance, but squirrels hate it, and it is enough to keep them away from other plants if there is hyacinth present. They are natural repellents that can repel squirrels while adding beauty to your garden.


Many gardeners use this plant to keep the wildlife, including squirrels, away from their garden while decorating it. Let alone the whole plant; even the bulbs emit such a strong smell that keeps the squirrels away from the nearby plants.

It even stops the squirrels from digging into the ground as its bulb may be pleasant to the human nose, but squirrels hate it. There are dozens of varieties of Galanthus, but each one is capable of a pungent smell that keeps the squirrels at bay.


They are easy to grow and require less time for their growth than other flowers. Furthermore, taking care of Galanthus is simple and easy. They provide beauty to your garden while keeping critters away and are generally white with a tint of green.


Squirrels find geraniums to smell detestable and try to keep them as far from them as possible; however, these plants can’t grow perfectly on hot days, so it is best to plant them in springs to ensure full growth.


Their vibrant color is a sight worth experiencing, but their pungent smell that humans like and squirrels hate keeps the wildlife at bay. They may not be the best choice for your garden, but they can keep the critters away. It stops the squirrels from digging the ground and protects the seedlings too.


Fritillary flowers are not common in gardens, but they are the perfect choice for keeping the critters, including squirrels, away from the garden. Squirrels just don’t want to eat these plants but also hate their smell and keep away as far as possible as it irritates their noses. Simply planting on the border of your garden or in beds is enough to keep the wildlife away.


They bloom like bells hanging with a wire(stem) and increase the beauty of your garden while protecting the garden from wildlife. However, there are many kinds of fritillaries, but each type has a strong smell to keep the squirrels away.

Furthermore, they come in a variety of colors, including green, maroon, and black. They can protect your garden while being a great addition to your garden.

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9.Lily Of The Valley

Lily of the valley is not just beautiful flowers that almost all the gardeners plant but also the pungent smell that squirrels and other wildlife animals don’t like. Critters can smell them from a decent distance which makes them the best plants that repel squirrels. They don’t have an appealing taste, so squirrels don’t even come near them.

Lily Of The Valley

Growing them is a simple task for even a novice gardener and are shade plants meaning they prefer shade. The classic lily is white, but there is a variety available that is of pink color. Once you have planted them, they will spread and grow independently and don’t require special care.


In the end, these plants are indeed capable of stopping critters like squirrels from destroying your garden. However, when squirrels are in a hunger state, they will even eat the worst of food, and they may become familiar with eating one kind of flower, so you may need to plant different flowers each year. In short, it is a cheap way of keeping the squirrels away, and it works.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1:Do Squirrels eat flowers?

Squirrels can eat flowers, but some plants that squirrels don’t like and even the bulbs of those plants can keep squirrels away. However, a hungry squirrel may eat it to survive; other than that, they are a nice barricade to keep squirrels away.

Q2:Are there plants that can repel squirrels?

Yes, some plants repel squirrels, and with their strong scent, they keep the squirrels away. For further details, you can read out article on it.

Q3:What do squirrels hate the most?

Strong scents like pepper, garlic are naturally unpleasant to squirrels, and they try to keep as far as possible as it irritates them. So, plants with the same smell can protect your garden from squirrels.

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