Do Squirrels Eat Meat ? Do They Eat Their Babies?

Squirrels are one of the most admired creatures which you may find living in woods or even your backyard oak tree. The small species dart from one place to another and hop on to things in an instant, but what really is providing them with the energy is a question which may pop up in your mind, ‘What do they eat?’, ‘Are squirrels herbivores?’, ‘Do squirrels eat meat?’, and the list continues.[acf field=”Schema”]

do squirrels eat meat
Do Squirrels Eat Meat

Squirrels, be it any kind, red squirrels or ground squirrels are omnivores. This implies that not only do squirrels devour plants and greens but they have also been seen having meat! Yes, you read that right. The answer to your question; ‘Do squirrels eat meat?’ is a definite yes!

Squirrels eat more than just peanuts, pecans, walnuts, and all kinds of nuts. From seeds to greens to meat, these tiny animals can get creative and risky and basically survive on anything they might want to eat. The adorable animals not only empty out the sunflower seed container which you fill in your backyard but they consume almost anything they can lay their paws on in order to survive.

Anything that’s eatable and anything they can get their hands on is the supper for their day. Fair enough, if you are curious about what squirrels eat.

Now that we know squirrels can basically eat anything let’s hop on to the topic about ‘Do squirrels eat meat?’, as strange as it sounds it is equally as interesting!

Do Squirrels Eat Meat?

Squirrels belong from the category of wild animals, although you may see them in your neighborhood trees but they are not as cute and innocent as they seem. If you ever see them eating meat don’t be blown away.

Squirrels can hunt down animals if their safety is at risk, if you see a squirrel eating rat meat or a snake you might as well add it to the list of what meat squirrels eat. Now you know that squirrels are more than just nut hunters and can basically hunt down other animals as well.

According to many pieces of research conducted and observation of multiple people it has been reported that it is not unusual for a squirrel to be eating meat, a squirrel can have meat and even eggs. Various different kinds of squirrels eat various forms of meats which include birds, insects, lizards, mice, snakes, and much more, dead or alive, food is food!

Squirrels however are no included in the category of routine predators and have been seen to only resort to hunting if the circumstances require, for example, if they are in danger or if the situation demands from them to hunt, climate, season, gender, availability of plant resources, and the squirrels’ reproductive condition. Many factors come into play when it comes to hunting and eating meat. Hope this answers your question ‘Do squirrels eat meat?’

The world is full of squirrels and not just one kind but a variety of squirrels exist from different areas and regions. Flying squirrels, ground squirrels, tree squirrels are all categories

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Do Ground Squirrels Eat Meat?

Ground squirrels are mainly earth animals and prefer to stay on the ground, they are widely known as the grey squirrels too. We have established that almost all squirrels are omnivores, which means they are carnivores as well as herbivores. You may ask now ‘Do Ground Squirrels eat meat?’ the answer to that would be yes. Ground Squirrels do eat meat and more importantly, a trend has been seen regarding what kind of meat they eat! How interesting is that?

Ground Squirrels have been seen to attack mice and snakes which have been seen invading the homes of squirrels. an interesting study showed that not only do squirrels eat other animals but also their own species, as bizarre as it is, it’s true!

The ground squirrels eat meat and even of their own kind. One way to say that would be that they are cannibals however many different situations and circumstances convince the squirrels to take such a decision. They have been seen eating their own young while feasting on bird eggs, frogs and even snakes provided they had an opportunity.

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Do Red Squirrels Eat Meat?

Red squirrels are also like any other squirrel predominantly herbivore rodents however at the same time they also fall under the list of those squirrels who are accustomed to hunting down their own kind as well as any other species. Hence we know that Red Squirrels eat meat.

While we know about the two kinds of squirrels we should also know that a rivalry if you may call it exists in between them! Yes! The grey squirrels have been seen to outlive the red squirrels due to their nature. They have been seen eating up the red squirrels’ food reserves during the winters which greatly shortens the life span as well as the growth rate of the squirrels.

Red squirrels may sometimes hunt down the grey squirrels and eat up their meat and sometimes vice versa. This rivalry of sorts further solidifies the ground that yes, Red Squirrels eat meat, and not only that they eat the meat of their own kind if need be.

Usually, Red squirrels have been seen hunting birds and insects which mainly exist on trees as red squirrels also are mostly found on the trees depending on the region as well. It is hard to imagine that an animal so tiny and cute would resort to hunting down or killing another one of its kind. As surprising and astonishing as it is, squirrels are known predators and they have been noticed to target a variety of small animals.

The grey squirrels target birds, their eggs, mountain quails, doves, blue jays, and even their own kind. The red squirrels, on the other hand, have been seen eating lizards, mice, pocket mice, and kangaroo rats. Some squirrels have also been seen going after chipmunks, snakes, rabbits, ducks, sparrows, and even frogs.

With such an extensive list of what squirrels eat we now have determined for sure that the tiny adorable rodents are not as innocent as they look. From being predominant herbivores many proves have been found of them being carnivores too and the kind of species and animals they target includes from doves to quails to snakes to frogs to even tiny snails.

The curiosity of whether or not ‘ Do Squirrels eat meat?’, ‘Do Red Squirrels eat meat?’, ‘Do Ground Squirrels eat meat?’. Your answer has to be a yes, yes, and a yes to all the questions because of the scientific proof and the observations that have been made by the people over time.

It is not a new change that has been seen in squirrels but an old observation that most often even in the present time does not sit well with the people when it comes to the question ‘Do squirrels eat meat?’ and many more.

The next question which deserves your attention and research has to revolve around the fact that yes, squirrels definitely eat plants and seeds, they eat meat as well, as surprising as it is, yes they do. ‘Is there something squirrels do not eat? If yes, then what?’.


Q1:What kind of meat do squirrels eat?

A squirrel’s diet is primarily vegetarian, but if they find an unprotected nest of baby birds or fresh carrion, it will consume meat opportunistically. Some squirrels have been seen actively hunting lizards, mice, etc. After they have defensively killed an attacking snake, squirrels will often eat snake meat. It has been documented that some male squirrel species kill and eat the baby squirrels that other males produce.

Q2:Do squirrels eat their babies?

Like most rodents, squirrels are herbivores, not omnivores. Their diet is mostly vegetation and seeds.   Occasionally, they will eat an insect, a carriage, or sometimes chew on other animals’ bones and antlers. This makes up a small portion of their diet. Indeed, and also like other rodents, they may eat their own young if the females are stressed at or soon after giving birth.

Q3:Do squirrels eat other squirrels?

If the squirrel is healthy and there are many types of the right food available to eat, they never eat other squirrels. However, if their diet is deficient in essentials such as protein or calcium, they might be.

New studies from biologists from the University of Alberta “It’s happened when a male kills another male’s infants to enhance the likelihood that he’ll be able to father pups of his own when the female breeds again.”

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