Can Squirrels Swim? Are They Good Swimmer’s OR Not?

Can Squirrels Swim

Squirrels are wild rodents that are quite active and mostly you can see them scurrying through trees or fences but is it possible for squirrels to swim? Yes, squirrels can swim but they may not be that great at swimming but they can indeed swim in hard situations or when they need to to survive.

You may often spot a squirrel swimming through the lakes or ponds and they may not be great swimmers but they use their tails to steer while swimming. However, flying squirrels can’t swim because the webbing that allows them to fly also hinders movement in the water and can’t swim.

Even for regular squirrels, swimming isn’t easy. You may have seen squirrels dead in the pools and the main reason is that they have little bodies and they get tired very easily especially while swimming. Additionally, the corners of the pool are slippery and after trying out to get out of the pool many times, squirrels get tired and drown.

Swimming Squirrels

Since squirrels have weak bodies then why do they swim in the first place? the answer to that is normally squirrels don’t swim. However, there comes a time of survival, and to survive they end up being in the water. Sometimes, they are being chased by predators and end up in the water and there is no other way except going into the water for them.

In these cases, they tend to try to swim and think it is the easiest way to get through. There is another case in which there are trained squirrels, they are trained in swimming and they have a better chance of surviving than other squirrels.

Squirrels are also known to have swum when they are migrating, and the easiest way to get to their destination is by just passing the lake or pond, they will tend to swim. However, not all squirrels can swim some have weak bodies and they end up drowning because they become tired.

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Getting Squirrels Out Of Pool

Pools can be quite troublesome for the squirrels as the sides of the pools are quite slippery and it becomes hard for squirrels to get out of the pool because of that. Swimming is extremely tiring for squirrels due to their weak bodies they can’t swim for a long time. So, if not helped they end up drowning in the pool.

If you find a squirrel in a pool then you should try to help it out by using the pool net, step a little back from the pool and help the squirrel reach the pool net by extending the pool net. The squirrel may attempt to run over the pool but don’t be afraid as squirrels try to avoid contact too and when the squirrel will see a dry place it will jump to that and leave.

However, for some reason you don’t want to take the risk you can just call the wildlife agency and they will gladly help you, and in some states agencies charge for these visits. If you found a dead squirrel in the pool you can remove it using a pool net or call the agency and get it removed. Either way, it won’t harm other swimmers as chlorine in the pool removes any bacteria or germs present in the pool.


To summarize, squirrels can swim but they prefer not to unless there is a special condition. Without an appropriate need, squirrels won’t swim however they can swim to protect themselves, or when looking for food, or when migrating. They are agile creatures and get tired easily when swimming and if you find a squirrel in trouble, you can help it or call the agency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1:Why do squirrels drown in the pool?

The slippery sides of the pool make it hard for the squirrels to get out and in the pools, squirrels can easily get in but getting out is hard. After trying to get out, they get tired and drowned so if you find a squirrel in distress you should help it out.

Q2:Do squirrels swim in water?

Squirrels can indeed swim but flying squirrels as their webs become a hindrance in movement and squirrels are good swimmers but the slippery surface of the pool makes it hard for squirrels to get out of the water and they eventually drown.

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