Do Squirrels Eat Tomatoes? How To Protect Tomatoes?

As squirrels are omnivores, they eat both plants and animal matter. Talking about plants, squirrels love to eat tomatoes, especially the ripened ones, but the main problem isn’t that, but they will take a bite or two and move on to the next ripen tomatoes damaging the whole garden.[acf field=”Schema”]

Do Squirrels Eat Tomatoes

Tomatoes may be healthy and contain a high level of antioxidants that help in digesting food. They also contain vitamin C, potassium, folate, and vitamin K. Preventing cancer and heart disease due to lycopene present in tomatoes.

But eating too many tomatoes can cause health problems as squirrels have a sensitive digestive system. Squirrels are primarily active during the daytime as they fully hibernate at night, so if your tomatoes are getting eaten during the night, then squirrels are not the culprit.


Tomatoes are healthy and taste fruits enriched with vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and fiber. The nutrients that tomatoes contain strengthen bones, boost immunity, more energy while they run.

They only remain healthy to consume if provided a considerate amount. Eating more than need can harm squirrel conditions. On the other hand, farmer or caretaker spends a lot of time growing tomatoes and as soon as they ripen squirrels rush and destroy their work.

They choose the best ripen tomato without considering anything, take some bites, and move on to the next tomato repeating this cycle. This results in the destruction of the tomato garden and all the work that a person puts into growing high-quality tomatoes.

Can Squirrels Eat Tomatoes:

Yes, squirrels love tomatoes, and they will not only fondly eat them but choose the best tomato that is there and take a bite or two and throw it away. Repeating this cycle again and again until they are satisfied. Everybody loves to feed squirrels, but they also deserve to protect plants that they farm with hard work and dedication.

There may be the advantage of eating a suitable amount of tomato as a diet, but squirrels make more mess. Furthermore, only a small amount of tomatoes, like 1 or 2 slices for a day, are enough for squirrels, but they wreak havoc in the garden, and everything inside the garden is there to eat.

There are various ways used to protect your plants. Some of them that are effective and can be implemented easily are described below.

Protecting Your Plants From Squirrels

To save your garden from squirrels’ raid and enjoy your ripen tomatoes that you work hard on. There are various ways to protect your garden from squirrels, but we have put together the most effective cheapest, and easy-to-implement methods.

Sprinkler System:

With a motion-activated sprinkler system, you can keep squirrels away from your garden. When squirrels move into the garden, the ultra-motion detection machine will sprinkle the water at pressure to stop the squirrels from pushing any further.

This works on other creatures like birds, clitters, rabbits, etc. But the only disadvantage is that the sprinkler stops for a couple of seconds, and squirrels can wait and dodge the sprinkler and enjoy while doing that. It may be cheap, but it can keep squirrels away for the time being. To overcome, this you need another method that is effective and easy to implement.

Build A Cage:

The most effective way to stop squirrels from eating tomatoes is to build a cage-like frame. The only problem you need to consider is making holes bigger enough for sunlight to enter and smaller enough to stop squirrels from entering.

We generally use a metal mesh to stop squirrels from entering and the easiness of watering and sunlight propagation. Due to holes, it stops squirrels from entering while providing resources to your plants.

You can also provide electric charges to metal mesh to keep the squirrels away for further convenience. It also prevents the chewing of squirrels through the mesh and helps you grow high-quality tomatoes.

Use Repellants:

There are various sprays available that are either homemade or manufactured for commercial use. They put red pepper tea spray on leaves and outside of the cage to protect plants from being eaten by squirrels, but it is dangerous as it can harm you or people living there if they come close to the sprayed area.

To avoid that, you can use a commercial repellant spray to keep squirrels away from your tomatoes. You can also pet a dog that chases away squirrels or puts up a bucket of water to gain squirrels’ attention.

Some people also use bare soil as squirrels love bare soil and try to dig through it to find roots, nuts, and seeds. Scare tactics can also be used, but their effect only remains for about a week or two. The most effective way is to use a spray or build a cage that can keep squirrels away from your garden.

How to Know If Squirrels Are Eating Tomatoes

Suppose you find small bites on your tomatoes or see holes present in nearby containers or your garden. But squirrels are most active during day time, and they hibernate at night, so if you find holes in the leaves or fruit of tomatoes, it may be due to incest.

You can trace their steps, and they usually leave the fruit after taking a bite or two and only choose the ripen and redone and ignore green ones.


Squirrels can eat tomatoes and it’s healthy for them, but they need to be careful not to eat too many! If they eat too much, it can make them sick and even cause them to die because their digestion system is sensitive. Also, when squirrels come into the garden to eat tomatoes, they usually only eat the red and ripe ones, and they leave the green ones alone. This can be a problem for people who depend on the tomatoes they grow to sell and make money. So, it’s important to keep an eye on how many tomatoes the squirrels are eating and try to protect the ones that are not yet ripe.

It is best to create a method to stop squirrels from entering your garden and protect your plants from being eaten.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1:Do squirrels eat tomatoes at night?

No, squirrels are only active in the daytime as they fully hibernate during the night to increase their fat reservoir. If your tomatoes are being damaged at night, then maybe another mammal is the reason for it. The sign of damage on leaves and fruits of tomatoes is incest, such as hornworm caterpillar.

Q2:How to keep squirrels out of tomatoes?

You can ignore the greens and quickly pick the ripen ones as the squirrel only eats ripen tomatoes. You can also use repellants and build a cage-like frame to keep the squirrels away.

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