My Dog Ate A Dead Squirrel? Here’s What You Should Do?

What happens if my dog eats a squirrel? Dogs are hunters by nature, so they like to hunt and chase all different kinds of prey. Some dogs pursue a game of chasing their victims but don’t want to eat them. While certain dogs capture one thing, such as a squirrel, and then consume it, others refuse to eat it. This is common for dogs. Dogs likely get rabies from a squirrel attack, although this is an unusual occurrence.[acf field=”Schema”]

My Dog Ate A Dead Squirrel

What Will Happen If My Dog Ate A Squirrel?

How about eating the squirrel? Is there a risk to my pet’s health? The positive thing is that most dogs are perfect-looking without any treatment. He can be nauseated, in discomfort, and have diarrhea or vomiting. If the squirrel passes into the dog’s system, it would have no adverse effects. This is the most common situation where a dog captures and eats a squirrel.

Around the same time, certain dogs may get ill from consuming a dead squirrel. If the squirrel is gone, it may have infectious agents such as parasites. These could greatly affect your pet if consumed.

A dead squirrel can (and sometimes does) carry parasitic organisms such as roundworms and coccidia. Roundworms suck up all the foods the dog consumes, leaving the dog malnourished, which leads to clinical problems. As signs of roundworm infection, symptoms include:

  • Drowsiness
  • Lethargy, cramping headache
  • Losing one’s appetite
  • Diarrhea
  • Colitis
  • Coughing

Coccidia is known to trigger certain medical complications but is most harmful while interacting with the immune system. The signs of parasitic infestation include:

  • Vomiting Dryness
  • Diarrhea
  • Losing one’s appetite

There is a third aspect a dead squirrel can be harmful if consumed by a person. Considering that the squirrel was poisoned. Although it is unlawful to poison squirrels in certain countries, it is also possible to eliminate these species by trapping them. If a dog consumes squirrels killed by toxins, the toxins can penetrate his bloodstream to keep him weak.

What To Do If Your Dog Eats A Squirrel?

Whether your pet cat or dog has caught and killed its prey on its own, it will not be harmed. However, we encourage you to track his condition for the next 2-4 weeks to ensure that he’s not experiencing any unusual symptoms. If so, so contact the veterinarian immediately for an appointment.

When the squirrel is gone, the only way to handle this situation is to cover it gently, then immediately contact the vet. Let the vet know what occurred and what tests can be done, and they will do the appropriate tests.

Though the vet may examine the puppy, she may not notice any health problems right away. In any scenario, they will examine the pet and see whether it’s getting sick. If you see any symptoms, your dog is unwell, so your veterinarian would need to be notified immediately. The highest prognosis is possible for therapy as soon as possible.

To protect against predation, it is essential to teach your dog not to hunt and chase squirrels. When taking trips, be mindful of what the dog’s nose is doing to discourage eating any already gone things. That way, your dog would be safe and comfortable.

How To Stop Your Dog From Eating A Dead Squirrel?

The only way to deter the dog from killing a dead squirrel is by verbally repeating “drop it”. Of course, to effectively utilize this training command, the dog must recognize it and be accustomed to obeying it even before seeing the squirrel carcass.

dead squirrel

Teach your dog the “leave it” command so that should the need arise, you have a command at your disposal. There are several training techniques for “leave it.”. Another approach is to put a treat in plain view. See how you can distract the dog by waving your foot in the air over the treatment. Don’t let the dog have his paws on the reward before he gives up on having it. Giving up, in general, involves abandoning a particular interest and moving on to another activity.

When your dog eventually gives up, you can use a bribe to reinstate your dog’s natural good behavior. This award is another bonus for the dog. Try teaching the dog to follow these commands repeatedly before he learns to leave something alone and that doing so can result in a treat. If the task has been completed, consider giving the food to your pet without covering it and instructing him not to consume it. Once your dog has shown that he can follow a basic command, try it on walks.


Dogs don’t have a selective eater, and as such, it is not unusual for them to consume dead creatures they find, such as squirrels.

Even if the topic might seem unpleasant, your dog might pick up an infection by consuming dead bodies. Bacterial infections include roundworms and coccidiosis. However, the worst danger comes that a poisoned squirrel still dies from something else before it dies.

In the next two days, keep an eye on your dog and see whether he exhibits signs of diarrhea, bloody stools, or lack of appetite. If all of these symptom’s manifest, send the pet to the clinic for a clinical examination.

The easiest way to make sure the dog doesn’t consume dead bodies is to train it thoroughly. It would be best to either take the dog to obedience school or teach them to obey your commands by drills at home.


Q1: Can a dog get sick from eating a squirrel?

It’s unlikely that your dog would get sick from consuming squirrels. Yes, they will be able to acquire intestinal parasites. But, if they freeze the squirrel meat for at least thirty days, this would ensure that all parasites and their larvae have been eliminated.

Q2: Is the dog going to eat a squirrel?

Yes, it is wholly normal for a dog to hunt for larger creatures. Which doesn’t mean your dog would kill you or your baby and is just abusive to other dogs. You are family. The rodent is prey.

Q3: Can my dog get rabies from eating a dead squirrel?

It is rare for your dog to get rabies by eating a deceased animal or swallowing the blood from an animal that has died from rabies. Rabies is very uncommon in Western Europe, and cases are mostly spread through saliva and brain tissue.

Q4: Could a squirrel target the dog?

Squirrels. Though harmless in appearance, the injury that a squirrel can do can need veterinary care. Most squirrel assaults generally occur when a cat or dog tries to trap it, and the squirrel may inflict harm with its sharp teeth and claws.

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