Do Squirrels Eat Strawberries? How To Protect Garden?

Squirrels are cute little furry animals that roam around in your garden or on the branches of trees. They belong to the Sciuridae family of mammals which includes small and medium-sized rodents. A variety of species of squirrels is found worldwide, including that red squirrels, fox squirrels, flying squirrels, tree squirrels, and many more. Though there are multiple species, their behavior seems similar in the sense they all engage in some similar activities. 

Do Squirrels Eat Strawberries

It is pleasant to watch tiny little squirrels run on the branches and around bushes. They are active throughout the day, constantly chasing delicious fruits and nuts as if roaming in their own kingdom. 

Squirrels aren’t particular when it comes to eating habits. They eat a lot of things and not specifically one. Nuts, fruits, berries, veggies, tree buds, and seeds are all included in the favorite list of food for squirrels. One thing that lies common among various species of squirrels is their liking towards fruits and nuts. Their preference has a wide range of items such as raw to over ripen fruits, soft and juicy berries too hard to crack nuts, and so on. 

Do Squirrels Like To Eat Strawberries?

Surprisingly, strawberries are among the favorite berries that most squirrels prefer. In case you happen to grow strawberries in your backyard, squirrels are likely to make frequent visits to snatch them out. The red and juicy strawberries awaken the taste buds of squirrels, attracting them to your garden. 

Strawberries are beneficial to them in a sense; they are rich sources of vitamin C, fiber, and antioxidants. They are fat-free plus sodium-free and are included in low-calorie foods. 

Benefits of Strawberries To Squirrels:

As they roam around the whole day, they require high energy levels to keep up with their running routine. Strawberries provide them natural sugar that helps them to stay energetic. Strawberries are also rich in fiber, and fibers are an essential part of a squirrel’s diet. They prevent constipation among squirrels making it easier for food to travel through their intestines.  

Are The Squirrels Snacking Upon Your Homegrown Berries? 

Watching squirrels roaming around seems pleasant until they start to take a share of your homegrown berries. Squirrels can capture over your prized strawberries as they love that free delight. If you don’t prevent squirrels from entering your garden, you’ll end up feeding entire produce to them. 

Here we’ve listed out some tried and tested measures to protect your berries from squirrels. 

#1. Fencing the plants 

Luckily, constructing structures of wires and woods around your plants would prove to be a great way to prevent berries from squirrels. Building cages around your plants will work best. While installing fencing, you must keep in mind two things. One, it shouldn’t let squirrels inside; two, it should let the sunlight and rain inside. Furthermore, it has to be movable for harvesting strawberries. Remember to bury the fencing a few feet underground, too, as they can enter by digging up the ground. 

fencing To protect strawberries from squirrels

#2. Remove bird feeders 

In case you’ve installed any bird feeder, it will surely welcome squirrels into the yard. Take them off and place them somewhere else away from the plants. This will reduce squirrels’ interaction with the surrounding as well as inside the garden.

#3. Plant what they dislike

Another effective way is to irritate them back by planting what they hate. You can plant flower bushes and plants that most squirrels hate. They dislike the smell of certain flowers such as marigolds and daffodils and also of plants such as peppers and garlic. This will prevent them from entering the garden and destroying your precious berries. 

Now that you know what the squirrels’ favorite delights are and what they hate the most, you can treat any squirrel well. Offer them some nuts, fruits, veggies, and berries, and they’ll be friends with you. If you have any pet squirrels at home, treat them right with a proper diet that would be nutritious for them.

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