Is It Legal To Shoot Squirrels In My Yard? (7 Other Ways)

If the squirrels have damaged your garden, uprooted plants, herbs, your flowers and also ripped fruits you may have thought of shooting or killing them but then you doubt whether it is legal to kill or shoot squirrels or not. shooting a squirrel is not very easy. It requires more than having a gun and arrow. You need to determine whether you are allowed to kill them or not. The short answer to this question is, it is illegal to kill squirrels in many states without permission. However, during hunting and trapping season, you can shoot squirrels with permission.[acf field=”Schema”]

You cannot kill squirrels until or unless it has damaged your domain and in such case, you have to take permission first from your state. There are so many ways to get rid of the squirrel. Let us learn how you can get rid of them. 

Is It Legal To Shoot Squirrels In My Yard

Signs that show you have a squirrel problem: 

Squirrels often leave telltale signs that show they are creating problems in your backyard or in your attic. The signs include: 

  • Piled of shelled nuts 
  • Raided birds feeder 
  • Droppings 
  • Odd noises 
  • Damage to your plants 

Holes where they have dug up their winter food. 

The one thing you can surely say about squirrels is that they are not subtle. They eat everything to increase their chance of survival. you can find them wherever there is a chance for them to get food. 

Get Rid of Squirrels Without Shooting. 

Killing these small creatures with the gun does not make sense. It is not right to give them more pain from shooting when you have many other ways. Shooting a squirrel also needs time and energy. It is recommended to adopt other ways to get rid of squirrels. 

Get Rid of Their Food Source: 

Squirrels are omnivores so they would like to eat anything that comes across them either it’s meat or plant. As long as there is food, they are more than welcome to come and damage your backyard. 

If you have a bird feeder, that is the absolute source of food for them. You just don’t need to remove the feeder, just place a squirrel-proof feeder, so that they don’t get food from it. If you place food for your pet, remove them and cut off every food source for them. It is the most effective and useful step you can take to get rid of them. if you have any type of food such as food scraps, seeds, fruits, etc it means you are inviting them. Also, remove all water sources from that place. This will surely help you in getting rid of squirrels. If you have a compositor or composite bin outside, try to place it inside or put chicken wire on the top of it.

Killing Squirrels With Pets: 

Some dogs such as whippets hunt rodents. They can hunt 20 squirrels per day. Training a dog to consume squirrels on a daily basis is prohibited but it is allowed to ask them to kill the cities where squirrels are protected by city ordinances, dog owners are required to muzzle their dogs. 

Killing Squirrels With Poison : 

This option is only recommended if you don’t have pets to go inside and kill squirrels. These poisons are made on smell and taste to attract their quarry. You can place poison on the [place where you see squirrel activity. poisons are effective as long as you use them on specific things. For example, if you use mice poisons on squirrels it won’t work, only the poison made for squirrels will work. 

On the Other Side, some poisons have a broad-spectrum effect. It is hard to avoid untargeted animals. You must be careful while keeping poison in open places. you need precautions while handling poisons such as wearing gloves. 

Killing Squirrels With Poison

Killing Squirrels With Firearms 

It is not enough to get a shooting license only but you should also know whether your state allows firing the firearm in open space or not. Many states have restrictions on using firearms. firearms typically required minimum distance from dwelling or road. 

Killing Squirrels With A Snap Trap: 

Different types of snap tarp can be used to kill squirrels, a mousetrap or rat snap trap are not large enough to kill squirrels. Different companies make large spring-oriented traps for squirrels. A company victor oneda makes a conibear trap that looks like a rat trap. Whenever squirrels pass through any of its parts, they shut down on its neck. if the trap is not positioned correctly it will fall on its foot and only capture it. The squirrels persistently gnaw on its leg to get freedom. and sometimes its limbs also attract mice and rats. It is legal to kill squirrels through a snap tarp in the many United States. The snap trap was first made in Canada. In the UK it is unlawful to use a snap trap because it may capture protected red squirrels. 

Killing Squirrels With A Snap Trap

Live Traps: 

Another way of killing squirrels is through a live trap. Live traps are considered a humane way to kill squirrels. a live trap means catching the squirrels and releasing them in different locations. It’s the best way to get rid of animals without harming them. The first step is selecting the live trap. a live trap should be significant to accommodate the squirrels. The second step is to choose the right location. it should be on the path of squirrels. choose where you have to place would be best that you choose that lure that cannot be stolen. 

The other way is to set the trap on the open door and follow all instructions manually. Once you have set the trap you should check it often to see whether it has captured squirrels or not. When the squirrel has been captured the last step is to transfer it to another location. Keep in mind that live tarping is a risky method and the squirrel may get angry so you should be ready for the consequences. 

Using A Bow OR An Arrow: 

You can kill squirrels by using bows and arrows but you need to know how to use them. If you don’t know, you can practice it in an open place to enhance your is a good option to kill squirrels as they can be reused. try to choose the right bow either it should be a recurve or compound bow. The right palace and right time increase the chance of hunting the squirrel. but most of the states do not allow the use of arrows and bows near populated areas.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q1: Can you kill a squirrel in your backyard?

For those who want to know whether it is legal or illegal to kill a squirrel in the backyard, it is legal to kill the squirrels in hunting. If they are damaging your property you can kill them another time also but with special permission from your state. 

Q2: How do you humanely kill the squirrels? 

If you want to kill squirrels humanely, you can use a live trap. Live Tarp is the only way that is considered to be the humane way. In live-trapping, you capture the animal alive and transfer it to different other locations. 

Q3: Can you drown squirrels? 

Yes, you can drown squirrels. Experts say it will be a peaceful death for them and you can get rid of them. In 2 to 4 minutes you can kill the squirrels after drowning in water.

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