Do Chipmunks Eat Tomatoes? Chipmunk’s Intake of Tomatoes For The Antioxidants

Do Chipmunks Eat Tomatoes

Tomatoes are the ultimate source of antioxidants and other worthy minerals. Various Organisms and even human beings take much advantage of tomatoes. Like all other organisms, chipmunks are also fans of tomatoes.

If you found a group of chipmunks all-around your tomato field or the garden where you have planted the tomatoes, you need to take great care of the area around. They are the biggest feeders of tomatoes. They not only feed them but also destroy the area of beautification.

That way the farmers have avoided their entry to the tomato garden to preserve it for human usage.

But somehow the chipmunks found their way of entry and enjoyed the most reliable way. People are not so updated by the chipmunk’s tomato intake. For their kind information, here we try to sum-up the feeding activity of chipmunks regarding the tomatoes, with the most basic facts and figures, let us have a look;

Do Chipmunks Eat Tomatoes?

Chipmunks along with the category of squirrels, enter your garden and feed a portion of tomatoes leaving the rest behind. They feed for their will and destroy the garden creating a lot of fuss issues. If you find constant digging activity in your garden, then mark it, the garden is taken up by the chipmunk’s activity.

The chipmunks eat tomatoes most probably in the morning. In the early morning, they feed on the sweet portion of tomato but leave the main plant all behind. The tomatoes provide great nutrition to the chipmunks but still, the farmers keep them away from their reach to facilitate the humans.

In order to keep them away from the range of chipmunks, the farmers cover them with a wire cage. This wire cage protects the tomatoes from the chipmunk’s attack.

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Chipmunks In the Tomato Field:

Tomatoes are a likable product for eating by chipmunks. When they appear at first they appear to be cute and well being for the tomato plants and the whole of the garden. But in the real meaning, the chipmunks attack the garden.

They start eating the fresh seeds of tomato plants that are being planted. Moreover, they start digging the holes to hibernate and find calm and peace. Along with this, they also feed on the tulip leaves of tomato plants.

In other words, along with feeding on tomatoes, the chipmunks destroy the whole of the tomato’s harvest. So try to keep them away otherwise the farmer will face severe loss issues.

All the tomatoes that will be left uneaten by the chipmunks after removing them from the garden will be useless and unsafe for human intake. So try to manage the activities so that they could not enter the field.

 Prevention To Keep The Chipmunks Away From The Garden;

There is a various scheme that is played to keep them away from the tomato garden; the ultimate concern is just to keep them away not to harm or kill them. The farmers just wanted to prohibit its entrance into the tomato garden.

If your garden is undertaken by the chipmunks then it will be hard to eliminate them from the field even after the finishing of tomatoes. So try to use some effective methods to get rid of them or to save yourself from the loss.

Here are some of the tips that will save you from the big loss of tomato garden, given next;

  • Place a few amounts of any baby powder on the silver slot. This smell stands so unpleasant for the chipmunk’s intake. So when they breathe that in, they will stay out of that area.
  • All the strong odor elements repel the chipmunks from the tomato garden. So try to use strong odor elements. Garlic can be so effective in this regard.
  • Moreover, the detergent that people use for washing dishes is mixed with vegetable oil and then sprayed on the tomato plants, to create an undesirable effect on the chipmunk’s intake.
  • Not only this, try to put some Coffee pots around the tomato plants in the garden. Coffee benefits in two ways. Firstly it acts as a fertilizer and plays an important role in the ripening of tomatoes and secondly, it keeps the chipmunks away from them, as the chipmunks run from the coffee exposure.

One of the other most important elements that keep the garden protected is Vinegar. People who take care of the garden, soak the cloth in vinegar and keep them in the areas near the tomato plants. The vinegar stands with a strong smell and thus, functions as a great contributor in keeping the chipmunks away from the garden

Nutritional Significance:

It has very health significance and importance for chipmunks. It holds the elements that provide a large number of antioxidants to the chipmunks. Not only this, the tomato intake is highly required for maintenance and sustaining the metabolism of the body along with the heart concerns.

Moreover, the vital vitamins including K and C hold the crucial aspect of tomatoes for the chipmunk’s intake.

The Final Verdict;

The intake of tomatoes for the chipmunks is not an unusual activity. The chipmunks kept on wandering all day long, so whenever they came across the garden they went to feed upon that.

It is stated again and again that once the chipmunk enters the tomato plant garden, it will be hardest to remove them out. They are so cute but they are also very pathetic. They complete their regular activities of digging, eating and destroying without concerning the loss of the garden owner.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.What is one of the most non-toxic ways to keep the chipmunks out of the garden?

There are various non-toxic ways available for the chipmunks to keep them away from the tomato garden. It is not necessarily all the time to spray chemicals and harm them. Some of the hot spices and chili powder are some of the major contributors to that purpose. This chili powder is sprinkled in the garden safely just as a medicated powder to have reliable output.

2. Do Chipmunks Eat Raw Tomatoes?

Chipmunks always prefer to eat tomatoes from the gardens. They feed them does not mean that they do not care about the quality of tomatoes. The chipmunks are highly restricted to feed the raw tomatoes. As they are high in acid concentration and seem to be trash for chipmunks intake activity. so try to avoid feeding them the raw tomatoes.

3. Apart from tomatoes, what other garden things chipmunks like to eat?

In a garden, chipmunks not only feed upon tomatoes. There are a number of other vegetative crops available along with the tomatoes, like pumpkins, berries, pomegranate, carrots, etc. all of these are equally liked by the chipmunks.

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