Do Chipmunks Eat Apples?

Do chipmunks eat apples? This is a common question that many people may have, especially those who enjoy watching these adorable creatures in their backyard or garden. Chipmunks are known to have a varied diet, which includes nuts, seeds, and fruits. However, apples are a popular fruit that many people grow in their gardens, and it’s natural to wonder if chipmunks are interested in them. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the eating habits of chipmunks and find out whether or not they eat apples. So, if you’re curious about these furry little critters and their dietary preferences, keep reading to find out more.[acf field=”Schema”]

Do Chipmunks Eat Apples

Apart from just being very active all their life, what they eat also plays a pivotal role in their overall well-being.

Although chipmunks are able to feed themselves, but cannot figure out what they need and what is harmful. So to reduce their risk of being sick, we should feed them small portions of foods that are good in nutritional quantity.

The most amazing habit of the chipmunks is their openness and willingness to eat all types of foods.

A thing to keep in mind is to not feed any harmful seeds like that of apple as it contains small amounts of cyanide that is poisonous to consume. If you plan to feed them berries or cherries, then also take out the seeds for the ease and safety of chipmunks.

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Do Chipmunks Really Like To Eat Apples?

Speaking of fruits, one also needs to understand what fruits are they willing to eat. Not everything is on their list of items. For example, feeding them anything related to mint is something we don’t recommend.

Apart from this you can surely feed them pulpy and fibrous fruits like apples of any kind, green or regular, papaya without any seeds and chopped in bites, banana, guava, grapes. The objective behind feeding them fruits is that it should be fulfilling and fill their appetite for the time being and also provide them with nutrition.

Avoid any powders and supplements as treats to feed them for giving any “extra care”

One can also need apple-containing products like apple pie. Chipmunks are not difficult to deal with as they like to eat mostly all types of fruits, apples being one of them.

Another thing that we can feed them is vegetables. Although they are omnivorous and widely accept foods, there are some things that chipmunks refrain from eating. Just like mint we mentioned earlier, in veggies, restrict asparagus from the list of foods to eat.

Whatever you feed them should be eatable both in terms of ease and taste. If you just give them bland food, chipmunks will find a better place to eat soon.

To make their boring veggies, you can add a little amount of salt to increase the taste.

A lot of people have concerns about raising a chipmunk as their pet, especially people with gardens and plants. Their behavior is sure of curiosity and if you don’t have good protection for plants and trees, you might witness some half-eaten fruits and scraped areas.

However, chipmunks do not eat the bark of trees. 

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Human Foods And Their Cautions:

As we stated, human foods can also be fed to chipmunks. However, this category again has some restrictions that you cannot feed chipmunks.

One of them being chocolates. It is not good for chipmunks as it has been found to have a toxic entity called theobromine. This is bad for rodents like chipmunks.

Also, it should not be given in big amounts, as the toxic substance can gather up and cause excessive damage to the bodies of chipmunks making them sick.

A fun fact about chipmunks is that they have 25 different species and can feel their home when a place has a lot of trees. Apart from being good at adjusting, they mostly are found hyperactive during early times of the day or evening.

Cabbage is something they will eat but we recommend it to be fed in fewer quantities. The reason being it can cause indigestion in chipmunks.

A poisonous plant called decon is also not eaten by chipmunks for obvious reasons.

Apart from being lovers of herbs and plants, ferns are another thing they resist from eating.

Frequently Asked  Questions:

Q1:Do chipmunks eat cat food?

Yes, they will and can eat cat or dog food. All you need to do is make sure that this food has the required nutrients and proteins and not just plain food.

Q2:Should you touch a chipmunk?

If you have a newly born chipmunk and you begin taming it from then forward, you can touch it. Else not, because they will not allow you to do so.

Q3:Can chipmunks eat human food?

You can feed them anything since they are omnivorous and any sort of human should be not spicy and very hot and in small bits. This kind of food is attractive and delicious for chipmunks.

Q4:What is the difference between chipmunks and squirrels?

Chipmunk are a species of chipmunks. They may have some differences in their appearance and size but nature and behavior are the same.

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