Do Chipmunks Climb Trees? Learn About Chipmunk’s Climbing Abilities

Do chipmunks climb trees? Chipmunks are tiny squirrels that are part of the Sciuridae squirrel family. They usually live on the ground and love eating nuts. Even though they can eat different types of food, if you live in a forest area, chipmunks that aren’t your pets might cause problems for your home, backyard, or garden. They may be small, but they can be a nuisance! In this article, we will explore the world of chipmunks and their amazing ability to climb trees.[acf field=”Schema”]

do chipmunks climb trees

The lifestyle of chipmunks:

Chipmunks are versatile animals who like to live in different types of habitats. They can either live in the burrows under the ground or in the roots or stems of the trees. They can pave their own way and like to live in tunnel-type nests. You can find chipmunks everywhere even in suburban areas, forests, or deserts. 

Chipmunks love to live in underground burrows and tunnels or they make their nests in the logs of trees or bushes. So the question arises here, do the chipmunks climb the trees? Yes, the chipmunks can easily climb up the trees to have their food or make their nest. You can see the amazing facts about chipmunks climbing up the trees.

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Do Chipmunks Climb The Trees?

Chipmunks love to burrow and they make their habitats in and above the grounds.

You can see the following aspects about their habitation. 

  1. Chipmunks take the benefit of their small size and can burrow anywhere in the forest. They burrow the ground, logs, bushes like other animals including woodchucks and prairie dogs.
  2. North America is famous for its heavy forests of maple trees, American beaches, yellow birch, and white ash trees along with shrubs. 21 species of chipmunks belong to North America due to their dense trees. 
  3. Chipmunks can reproduce 1,2 litters in one year who can grow and become young in 8 weeks on their own. 
  4. Chipmunks love to live in forests, dense trees, and shrubs. They can easily climb up the trees and can eat from birdfeeders too. 
  5. Chipmunks are kind of easy-going animals who love to eat food from all kinds of items. They are omnivores and they can eat anything including vegetables, meat, fruits, nuts, and seeds. They love to eat grains, oats, cereals, whole grains, and different insects. 
  6. Chipmunks also love to store foods in their burrows. They collect the seeds, nuts, and insects’ dead bodies in autumn and store them in their burrows. 
  7. Chipmunks have small life spans. A wild chipmunk lives for 2, 3 years while captivated or pets chipmunk may survive up to 8 years. 

Hibernation Pattern OF Chipmunks:

Like many other animals, chipmunks also like to hibernate in winter. But their hibernation is not as long as other animals. They sleep for few days and wake up to warm up their bodies, have their food, and eliminate pee and poop. The hibernation period of the chipmunks varies from place to place. The chipmunks in cold areas tend to hibernate more than the chipmunks from hotter areas. In winter the temperature of their bodies decreases from 94 C to their atmospheric temperature, so it gets harder to wake them up until they get up by themselves. 


Q1.Are chipmunks good climbers?

Although chipmunks can climb up the trees they are not good climbers. They love to dwell on grounds and they are exclusively ground feeders. When they want to search for feed, they do climb up the trees but come back after they find food. Furthermore, they fall from the trees and get injured very often. 

Q2.Do chipmunks sleep in trees?

Chipmunks don’t sleep in trees mostly. They feel unsafe and fall from trees. So they are naturally ground burrow animals who live either underground tunnels or in the logs and bushes. 

Q3.Are chipmunks good for anything?

Yes, if you want to know their benefits, they help nature to spread fungi and seeds. They also eat insects and small bugs which are dangerous to crops. 

Q4.What smells do chipmunks hate?

Unlink humans, chipmunks don’t like strong smells of peppermint, cinnamon, garlic, and eucalyptus. 

Q5.Are chipmunks bad to have around your house?

Yes, chipmunks are quite destructive to plants and gardens. They can eat up the flowers, seeds, fruits, and vegetables. Furthermore, as they burrow, they can strongly damage the foundations of your house and the area around it. 

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