What Do Baby Chipmunks Eat? A Complete Storyline & All Its Wonders.

What do baby chipmunks eat

Babies need to be sorted with proper growth, nourishment, and development to proceed rightly at a young age. Their nourishment and growth are linked with the proper feeding schedule as well as supplements.[acf field=”Schema”]

Making the right choice in terms of food is a highly monitored activity for babies. The babies require high nutritional sources that can help them to stand a good way in the future.

Good food objects are not only significant for human babies. It is equally worthy and required for the animal babies also. Here we are going to study the baby diet of chipmunks, along with all its amusable factors, that one should know before treating them.

Chipmunks are thought to be one of the most environment-friendly animals of the rodent family. Their babies are the cutest ones and need a proper nourishing substance. So that these substances can be more effective in their daily activities!

So a question appears: what do baby chipmunks eat? To lead a healthy life!

Here is a proper and complete guide for your information that will let you know about the right and appropriate diet of baby chipmunks.

What Do Baby Chipmunks Eat?

Baby chipmunks are cute creatures and after their birth, they depend upon their mothers for food. The whole responsibility of feeding the baby chipmunk is on their mothers. After that, they can continue their young age journey.

Baby at a young age requires milk. But the chipmunk’s stomach and body are not well sustained with cow milk. For their feeding habit, they are required to be provided with a “puppy milk replacer”.

As immediately after their birth, it is not right to feed them with solid stuff. They can not deal with the hard object as they are extremely delicate and are not habitual of eating the stuff before. So they are directed to be given with mother milk or “puppy milk replacer”.

This diet should continue till the first four weeks of the birth. During this, they learn to develop the habit of eating and feeding on hard stuff as they develop the teet structure also.

Almost around the time of 6-weeks or more, the baby chipmunk will be fully ready to nibble the foodstuff, including fruits, veggies, and some plant portions.

Their diet may include, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, apple berries grapes, and other succulent flesh material. Apart from all this, at this stage babies are also required to be given with some amount of shelled nuts.

The shelled nuts will help them to make up the teeth’ structure. They will be able to sharpen their teeth so that they can experience the same diet as that of their adults.

Slowly and steadily they keep on learning things. As we are talking about; what do baby chipmunks eat? So one should know the right things of feeding to make their growth better;

Puppy Milk Replacer; Esbilac

Esbilac is the milk approach for baby rodents including the chipmunks. You can get it in both the powder and milk form from the nearby vet shop. Both the powder and milk form have different used approaches,

If you are dealing with the powdered esbilac, take only 1-part of the powder and mix it with 3-portions of water. Before feeding it to the baby chipmunk, stir it well so that powder can get the form of flawless milk. At the first dose of feed try to deliver the most thinner liquid to the baby.

So that they can intake the milk easily but later on keep on increasing the concentration of milk (powder) by reducing the water content. This is the right way of feeding baby chipmunks.

But on the other hand, if you are dealing with a liquid portion of esbilac, then also add one portion of water to the milk. but later on, decrease the amount of adding water.

This is the only milk option suitable for feeding baby chipmunks in domesticated habitats. They do not go well with cow’s milk, soy milk or goat milk, etc. in addition to this, the baby chipmunks also can not do justice with any homemade formulas.

These formulas carry all the unnecessary things that will prove to be a killer for them.

The Final Verdict;

Once baby chipmunks are passed from the baby phase, they will be able to do anything like the adult chipmunks. But for that stage, they have to be passed through completely nourished activities of baby feeding. The babies are nourished under great care thus the results will let them stand healthy in the adult age to perform the normal chipmunk activities.

The article has clearly explained; What do baby chipmunks eat? Now it is all up to you to utilize this information at the right places as well as in the right way.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1:What is a weaning diet?

After the week of the birth of the chipmunk, the babies start their weaning diet. In this diet they are prepared to invest some solid stuff including veggies, fruits, and nuts, etc. during this diet, they start gaining weight up to a certain limit. This is the major sign of its right upbringing.

Q2:What is the feeding schedule of baby chipmunks?

The feeding schedule of chipmunks varies from time to time. With increasing time, the baby is getting young, so the food gap should also be increased, as they are young enough to uphold hunger. During the first two weeks, baby chipmunks are needed after every two hours, with esbilac or other formulas of the pet shop.

In the next three-four weeks, increase the feeding gap from two hours to three hours and so on.

Q3: Are baby chipmunks fed on refrigerated esbilac?

Baby chipmunks have no issues with refrigerated milk. Esbilac needs to be refrigerated for almost 24hours. Moreover, the powdered form can be used for feeding even after the opening of the pack for almost three months just because of refrigerator activity.

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