Do Squirrels Eat Lettuce? Is It Healthy For Them OR Not?

Why do squirrel eat lettuce :

Do squirrels eat lettuce? It’s a question that may have crossed your mind, especially if you’re a gardener who has noticed some nibbling on your lettuce leaves. While squirrels are typically associated with a love of nuts, they may also have a taste for vegetables. In this article, we will delve into the eating habits of squirrels to see if lettuce is a part of their diet. Whether you’re a curious nature enthusiast or a concerned gardener, keep reading to find out if squirrels eat lettuce.[acf field=”Schema”]

Do Squirrels Eat Lettuce
Do Squirrels Eat Lettuce?

Squirrels are dominantly herbivores. They used to forage for everything that looks them edible. You may have also observed them gnawing lattice from your garden. You may be surprised after watching this,  that can a squirrel eat lettuce. Let see some food groups for squirrels.

Food groups:

The main food groups for squirrels are









Tree parts


Human trash.

Lettuce is of great interest for squirrels over either vegies. but the question is what type of lettuce should be fed to them. are they nutritious enough to feed them? Is the lattice healthy snacks to munch on it? there are so many questions related to this .let us discuss some nutritional values of lettuce to erase your confusion about it.

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Is Lettuce Healthy For Squirrels?

Lettuce is one of the most favorite things from vegies for squirrels. They kept on munching wherever they found it but whether lettuce is healthy for them or not? This is a question of concern. Let us check the composition of lettuce.

Is Lettuce Healthy For Squirrels?

The lettuce has all vitamins and essential minerals in it. It has a complex range of vitamins, such as vitamin A, VITAMIN B2, VITAMIN B3 VITAMIN B4, VITAMIN B5, VITAMIN B6, and vitamin b9.vitamin c and vitamin k is also in rich is also rich in fats, protein carbohydrates, and dietary fibers which squirrels need in abundance. The food details confirmed that lettuce is healthy food for little critters.

Different Varieties of Lettuce For Squirrels :

There are thousands of varieties of lettuce present in the world depending upon the shape, taste, and texture. There are different types of lettuce present for squirrels.  And obviously, all have different nutritional values. Some will be healthier than others, so let us discuss one by one.

Romaine lettuce :

The romaine lettuce is originated in Rome. It is now available in different parts of the world. Romine lattice is very different from typical lettuce as it has a different shape and color with tall dark green leaves. . Romaine lettuce is abandoned in vitamin A, B, and c and also rich in calcium. Thus it has high nutritional value and can be fed to squirrels.


Watercress is an aquatic plant that belongs to the cabbage family. It has a strong stem and small green leaves. Watercress is rich in vitamin A and K and dietary fibers. So you can definitely feed squirrels with it.

Iceberg lattice:

Iceberg lettuce has zero nutritional value. It is mostly consumed because of its crunchy taste. However, it is not recommended to feed squirrels with iceberg lettuce.

Is lettuce Safe For Baby Squirrels:

The baby squirrels are protected, nourished, and cared for by their mother until they are capable of taking themselves on their own .so it is hard to see any of the baby squirrels in your garden or backyard. 

So ever you acme across baby squirrels, don’t feed them with solids or lettuce. Because up to the age of 3 months the baby is exclusively fed on mothers milk or formula milk. As the baby is 3 months old he can be introduced to semisolids. It is not a good idea to introduced lettuce to a newly born baby or baby under 3 months.

How To Feed Lettuce To Squirrels:

Now as this is clear that feeding lettuce is healthy food for squirrels and you can feed them. But it is not easy to feed them as they are very tricky animals and manage to escape quickly if they see you. So the question is how to feed them?

There are several methods to feed the squirrel, let us talk about them :

If you observe that a squirrel is frequently visiting your backyard trees, you can buy a feeder. hang it on the tree. Put some lettuce on the hanging feeder. Remember that the feeder should be high from the ground so that the squirrels feel safe.

If you saw ground squirrels visiting your backyard, place a bowl with chopped lettuce in it. The place that bowls almost 1o feet away from the plants. so if the squirrels feel danger they quickly run to hide in plants.

If you found that both ways are not working and squirrels are not eating lettuce. it means that they are not trusting you and feeling uncomfortable. In this case, place some chopped lettuce on the grounds with some distance. Once they developed trust in you, they will certainly eat from your hand.

Squirrels Exclusion :

As far now we have discussed how lettuce attracts the little critters, but if you want safe gardening and want to prevent them from coming, what should you do?

If you are facing this problem we have some solution for you. there are certain plants that repel these furry rodents.

*Garlic plants work wonders in their case. these critters do not like the garlic smell. Plant some garlic plant in your garden. the garlic will not only be used in the kitchen but also prevent these creatures from coming and destroying your garden.

Buy some pepper spray from the market and spray it around your lettuce plant. the pepper smell will refrain squirrels from coming to the lettuce hence your plant will be saved. Or you can plant some hot pepper in your garden. 

Most of the house owners have pet dogs or cats in their house. These pets keep all type of animals like squirrels away from the garden.

Sone flower plants also work as a repellent for squirrels.

Frequently Asked Questions :

Q1:Which foods are bad for squirrels?

Some food is toxic to squirrels and should be avoided such as 

High sugar foods, high starch foods, high salted foods, dried corns, etc 

Q2:What type of nuts should be feed to squirrels?

Squirrels love a variety of nuts. Walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, peanuts, and pistachios are among the favorite of all.

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