Why Do Beavers Build Dams?  A Guide About Beavers Unique Extinct

Why Do Beavers Build Dams

You might have heard the name of these rodent animals.  Beavers are very unique and extinct.  And that is the reason they are famous worldwide.  They perform many incredulous activities that differ them from other rodents in the Kingdom Animalia.

Do you know that Beavers build dams?  Why do Beavers build dams?  People usually ask this question when they know that these animals build dams in water.  Now you might be thinking what’s the purpose of building these dams in different water reservoirs.

This guide is all about this question, we will discuss the mean purpose that Beavers build dams.  In addition to it, we will also throw light on this aspect that either these dams are helpful in any way or not.

Why Do Beavers Build Dams?

The very short and clear answer to this question is the purpose of protection.  Animals do different things in order to protect themselves from predators.  They also do numerous things to protect themselves and their babies from harsh environmental conditions.

If you do not know about these animals.  Then it is crucial for us to give up a brief introduction about these animals and what role they play in the environment.

Beavers are the semi-aquatic rodent animals found in North America, Europe, and Asian regions of the world.  If you also want to know what do Beavers eat?

Beavers are herbivores and they only eat plant materials as their food. Their diet includes different fruits, vegetable wood, leaves, stems, twigs, shrubs, etc.

These animals use the bark of trees to make different structures. Among these structures, dams have very critical importance.  In addition to it they also build lodges in ponds, lakes, streams, and rivers.

There is also a misconception among the people about these dams.  Many people think that Beavers live in these dams but it is not true.  Beavers do not build dams to live in them.

 However, they built dams in order to regulate the water flow in different water bodies. These dams act as a barrier and stop the water flow.

 Advantages of Water Dams

 No doubt Beavers build these dams and they are highly beneficial.  If you are thinking, why do Beavers build dams?

So these dams are highly advantageous from many different perspectives.  Up next we will discuss some of the main advantages of these water dams built by the Beavers community.

·          Firstly these water dams regulate the water channel in different water reservoirs.

·          Beavers build these dams in order to save water in the summer season.  Generally in summers, the water availability is very low.  In order to fulfil that requirement, these dams are made and a lot of water is stored in them.

·          The water that is stored in the dams is used by Beavers as well as other species in the region.

·         These dams are very beneficial for soil strength and soil texture.

·         These water dams prevent flooding, drought, and soil erosion.

·         These water dams built by Beavers are also a natural habitat for other species of animals.  Hence we can say that these dams support a massive amount of biodiversity in them.

·          These water dams are also used for storing food

·         Water dams also provide a Safeway to the Beavers to travel from one part of the lodge to the other.

·           It means when Beavers sense any kind of danger they can swim into these dams and go anywhere, leaving the danger behind.

Now you know the main advantages of these dams that Beavers build very occasionally in their natural habitat.  Beavers use different plant materials to build these dams.

Mainly, they use wood barks from trees, twigs, plant branches, plant roots, and many more things present in their natural habitat.

Dams and lodges in the UK

 The species of Beavers are abundantly found in the UK.  Hence there are massive dams and lodges in these regions.  The size of these dams and lodges built by Beavers is incredibly great.

If you eagerly want to know why do Beavers build dams in the UK. Then the purpose of these dams is the same as mentioned earlier.  But the dams and lodges in the UK will leave you astounded.

The dams that are present in the UK are almost 10 metres long and 100 metres wide.  If we consider the world’s largest dams built by Beavers, it is 500 metres in length and several metres in width.

 The discovery of this huge dam was in Alberta, Canada.  According to the researchers if we extend this dam then it will connect to many other dams and lodges built by the Beavers.  With that, we can easily get the estimation of how huge these dams are and what are their beneficial aspects.

 Safety of Beavers From Predators

 Beavers possess remarkable instincts.  And they have very amazing skills to keep themselves safe from predators.  Usually, wolves, foxes, Wolverines, and some other animals attack Beavers for their food source.

 In order to protect themselves from these predators in the ecosystem, they build dams and lodges.  These lodges provide a dry place for the living of Beavers.

 Many people question where do Beavers live in?  So they live in their lodges under different water bodies in their natural habitat.

 Furthermore, these lodges help them to store the food for the winter season.  Beavers store their food in the mud.  The low temperature of mud keeps the wood intact and prevents it from decomposition.

 In this way, Beavers can use these plant materials later in the winter when the food is scarce.


 Hopefully, now you have understood why do Beavers build dams?  Or what is the purpose of building dams or lodges in the water?

 We cannot deny the fact that beavers are doing great in order to sustain the ecosystem in a very efficient way.  These animals have remarkable characteristics and they are capable of making very large dams and lodges.

 That is further used by different animals and Beavers as well.  These dams and lodges become the home of many animals.  Hence these are offering top-grade advantages to the animals and the environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.  What do Beavers build?

Beavers are famous for their ability to build dams and lodges underwater.  These water dams are very useful for the ecosystem as well as the biodiversity.

Q2. Do Beavers hate the sound of running water?

 Beavers are very shy animals and they are also very sensitive to everything in their surroundings.  The running water sound attracts them.

 However, they minimise the sound of running water by blocking the water channel.  Beavers do so by building dams in the water.

Q3. Why do Beavers build dams sound?

 Firstly these dams are the protection of Beavers from predators.  Like wolves, bears, foxes, and wolverines.

 Secondly, these dams are the source of water and habitat for other animals as well as Beavers.

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