Do Beavers Eat Meat? A Guide About Beavers Food and Habitat

Do Beavers Eat Meat

Beavers are fascinating animals that play an important role in maintaining a healthy environment. They belong to the Kingdom of Animalia and are known for their unique traits. But do beavers eat meat? That’s a question that many people ask. In this guide, we will explore all the details about beavers and shed light on their dietary habits, including whether or not they consume meat.[acf field=”Schema”]

So if you love animals and Beavers are on the list then make sure to read this article till the last line.  And you will get detailed information about the habitat of Beavers and their food consumption.

Do Beavers Eat Meat?

 Generally, zoologists divide Beavers species into two categories.  One is found in the North American regions and the other one is the European Beavers.  Both these species share almost similar food consumption habits.

 Of course, the choice of food of Beavers differs in every season. So we can say that Beavers do not rely on only one food source when living in their habitat.

 This Statement is of no argument that Beavers are completely herbivores. Many people do not know the difference between herbivores and carnivores.

 So before discussing the complete diet of Beavers let us tell you about the difference between herbivores and carnivores.


 Herbivores are the animals who completely take their food from plants and plant materials.  They do not eat other animals as their food.


 Carnivores are the animals whose food source is other animals in the food chain. They do not eat plants.  Generally vegetables and fruits are excluded from their diet.

 There is also another category of organisms on the basis of their food consumption.  These are omnivores, they eat both plants and other animals as their food.

 Do Beavers Eat Fish?

 Beavers are completely herbivores and they do not eat other animals.  So it is very clear that Beavers do not eat meat.  Still, there is a frequently asked question: do Beavers eat fish?

 The answer is no, Beavers stay in water for a long time. And they are called natural swimmers.  Because they can stay underwater for almost 10 minutes without coming up on the surface.

 Hence they have a very suitable chance to catch the fish and other animals.  But beavers do not rely on fish and other water animals to fill their appetite.

Food Preferences of Beavers As Herbivores

 As mentioned earlier, Beavers are the prime herbivores and they completely rely on plant materials as their food source.

Beavers preferred different plant parts in different seasons of the year.  For instance, in the winter season, the availability of food is not very high.  And Beavers face food scarcity at this time of year. In this regard, most of the Beavers species store their food in their lodges.  So that they can use it when there is a need.

 Generally, Beavers eat the inner bark of the trees.  This is because there are no leaves on the trees.  In addition to it, Beavers cannot eat the grasses as they are fully covered with snow.

 Hence the only option left to them is the inner barks of trees. The Inner box of the trees is very soft as compared to the outer covering.

 In addition to the adult Beavers, baby Beavers also start to eat the inner box and soft plant parts in the early stages of their growth.

So if you question, is Beaver a carnivore?  Then it is wrong that they are fully adapted herbivore animals. And their food sources are relevant to plant parts, ferns, and shrubs.

No Eggs For Beavers

It is also a great misconception of people about Beavers that they eat eggs.  So in this section, it is necessary to answer this question: do Beavers eat eggs?

 Beavers do not eat eggs of any animal.  Yes, they are totally herbivore animals.  So eggs are not in their diet.

 On the other hand, Beavers eat many kinds of fruit and berries. Beavers like to eat for living fruit plants;

·          Apples

·         Clover

·          Duck potatoes

·          Grasses

·         Cattails

·         Water lilies

·         Watercress

Generally, many Beavers love to eat mushrooms that are grown on the surfaces of different tree barks

Nature And Habitat of Beavers

Beavers live in completely natural habitats and they also help in sustaining the overall ecosystem. Now as we have thorough information about the question, do Beavers eat meat?  Let’s dig out the details about the nature and habitat of this rodent family.

Beavers are of a very shy nature and they do not like much interaction with humans.  They feel very threatened when they encounter people.  So it is a very wise decision not to approach Beavers.  Because there are chances that they might attack you in self-defense.

 Beavers have sharp incisors or frontal teeth pairs.  So if you get attacked by a Beaver then a vicious bite will let you go through high pain.

 Beavers’ habitat

 Beavers live in forests and spend their time underwater.  Beavers are famous for making lodges and water dams.  This activity of Beavers highly supports other life forms in the ecosystem.  These water launches help in storing an adequate amount of water, particularly in summers.

 Hence we can say that these water dams are a perfect water resource when there is less availability of water.

 In addition to it, Beavers have been considered a keystone species in creating habitat for other wetland animals.  Moreover, they improved the quality of water and streamflow.

 The animals who get habitats from the Beavers lodges are;

·         Fish

·          Turtles

·          Ducks

·          Oaters

·          Owls

·          Insect

·          Salamander

·          Frogs

·          water lizards

As mentioned before, Beavers help in the improvement of water quality. And the lodges or water temps are helpful in preventing erosion and floods in the region.

Beavers’ Consumption of Food Per Day

It is also one of the most asked questions by the people.  How much do Beavers eat a day?  The intake of food in the form of wood twigs, foliage, and other plant parts is not very high.  An adult Beaver generally consumes 1.5-2kg per day in summer.

 This food consumption becomes 0.9 kilograms a day in winters. Because it is very hard for them to go out in a harsh environment and find food. In winters, these rodents only eat the inner bark of trees.

According to an estimation, Beavers eat almost 300 trees annually.  Most people think that this is a huge number.  But the fact is that if these animals are removed from a particular region.  Then the whole food chain and the ecosystem balance will be disturbed.

Consequently, there will be an adverse effect on other species of animals living in an ecosystem.


At times, we forget how important animals can be for the world around us. One animal that plays a crucial role in keeping nature healthy is the Beaver. But did you know that some people wonder if Beavers eat meat?

The answer is that Beavers are actually herbivores, which means they only eat plants. They build dams in rivers to create homes for themselves and their friends, and they also help keep the water clean.

So even though Beavers don’t eat meat, they still play an important part in our world. We should appreciate these little animals for everything they do to help keep the environment healthy.


Q1:Do Beavers eat duck?

 Beavers are herbivores and they do not consider eating duck or their eggs as their food source.

Q2:Where do Beavers live in?

 Beavers live in lodges and water dams.  They built them under ponds, lakes, streams and rivers.  Beavers are a very well-known rodent family species for making dams.

Q3:Do Beavers eat meat?

Beavers are not in the category of carnivore animals. They only eat inner barks of trees, shrubs, ferns, twigs, algae, and plant foliage

Q4: Do Beavers eat berries?

Definitely yes, Beavers like to eat berries found in their natural habitat.  They also like to eat different other fruits and mushrooms in the summer and spring seasons.

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