Do Beavers Eat Fish? Guide To Beavers Diet and their types

Do Beavers Eat Fish

Have you ever heard of a beaver? They are the world’s largest rodent animals and have a long scaly tail and thick fur all over their body. These animals have many interesting characteristics to explore. But did you know that some people wonder if beavers eat fish? In this guide, we will talk about the different types of beavers found in the world and whether they eat fish or not. So if you’re interested in learning all about these furry animals and their diet, then keep reading this article![acf field=”Schema”]

Do Beavers Eat Fish?

Many people assume that Beavers are carnivores. It means they eat other animals as their food source.  But let us clear to you all that these semi-aquatic rodents are not carnivores.

 Beavers are fully adapted herbivores.  And they use plant parts as part of their diet.  If you think that by any chance they eat any kind of meat. Of course not, Beavers do not consume any kind of meat or eggs.

 It is a true and very clear fact that Beavers do not eat fish.  Although this misconception is because of their most time in the water.

 Yes, it is a fact that Beavers stay underwater and keep themselves in there for most of their time. And actually, they are very close to fish and other water animals. Surely, they can catch them and fill their appetite. But they do not eat them.

Beavers splash their tails on the water

 Why do Beavers splash their tails on the water?  We know that some of you will be curious about this activity of Beavers.  It has been seen many times that Beavers splash on the water.

 Here the question arises why do Beavers do this?  Beavers are very intelligent animals and they are very protective for themselves and their whole community.  Whenever Beavers feel any kind of danger they splash their tails on the water.

 This splashing of the tail on water produces a loud sound.  This sound is for other Beavers as they get alert of the danger.

 We think that now you have got your answer, do Beavers eat fish?  Hence we have gone through the complete concept of the Beavers diet earlier.  

Now let’s step into our next very important section about the species variation of Beavers in the world.

 Beaver Species Variation

 Beavers are pretty infamous animals in cartoon series.  As they are shown in blocking the ways and creating whatnot. These animals have a fire on their whole body.  Beavers have webbed feet that help them to swim in the water in a very efficient way.

 They have long tails with scales on them. This long tail is very helpful in splashing water in case of any danger. Next up, we will elaborate on all the significant points about the types of Beavers and what diet they follow in different seasons.

There are two prime species of Beavers found on the earth.  Their characteristics differ and also their preferences for food. So let’s talk about them one by one and know about these remarkable species of Beavers.

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 North American Beavers

These are first on the list, the North American Beavers are found in different regions of North America.

  •  From the Animalia Kingdom they follow the order Rodentia. The family in which they fall is Castoridae.
  • North American Beavers have a yellow-brownish to black hue on their body.  They have a very thick coat of fur. One can easily identify these animals because of their long scaly tail. Usually, it is of black colour and flat in nature.
  • The tail of Beavers is a very important part.  Firstly this tail helps in keeping a balance in the water and aids them in swimming.
  • Secondly this tail also helped them to produce alarming sounds in case they experienced any event of danger.
  • The North American Beavers have long dark orange front teeth or incisors.  These incisors grow naturally throughout their whole life.

The North American Beavers are fully herbivore animals. Their diet mainly includes aquatic plants, twigs, plant foliage, leaves, and woody stems.  This is set to be soft food and Beavers prefer it to have in the summer and spring season. 

However, they love to munch on Maple, poplar, Alder, Birch, Aspen, and Willow trees. Generally, Beavers eat the inner bark of these trees.

The digestive system of North American Beavers

North American Beavers have adapted their digestive systems to a very great extent.  They have a very remarkable ability to digest cellulose and lignin.  As they are herbivores, they need to digest it properly.  Because cellulose and lignin are the main components of plant parts.

Beavers have microorganisms in their gut and mainly caecum.  These microorganisms release special enzymes to digest cellulose.

Many people question whether they are haunted by humans or not?  So there are no strong reports or information found about the hunting of these animals.

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Eurasian Beavers

 These species of Beavers are found in different countries of Europe.  They have the following characteristics and their scientific classification is as follows,

  • Eurasian Beavers are from the Animalia Kingdom and follow the same order as Rodentia. Their family is Castoridae and owns the scientific name, Castor fiber.
  • The Eurasian Beavers or European Beavers can grow up to 73 to 135 centimetres.  And their weight can go up to 13 to 35 kilograms when fully grown.
  • The specialty about these Beavers is they have a double-quote of fur on their body.  This fire is usually of Grey colour and has red-brown stripes on the outer layer.  This looks very attractive and unique.
Eurasian Beavers Diet

 The European Beavers are also herbivores and their diet includes woody plants, aquatic plants, leaves foliage, and Algae.

These animals prefer Birch trees, Aspen, cottonwood, and Willow.  In summer, European Beavers love to munch on leaves, roots, buds, fruit, mushrooms, twigs and other soft plant materials.

European Beavers and their different species are present in a very abundant amount in Britain and throughout the European region. Sadly these animals are haunted there for their castoreum and fur.


No doubt these both species of Beavers, the North American Beavers as well as European Beavers share remarkable characteristics.  The statement is of no argument that these animals are highly beneficial for the ecosystem and maintaining a balance in the food chain.

 These animals are herbivores and eat the trees of Aspen, Birch, Alder, cottonwood, Maple, Poplar, and apple. Moreover, their diet also includes fruit, vegetables, mushrooms, etc. But they are far away from eating meat or fish.

 Also, you have got the answer to the query that do beavers eat fish. Still, if you have any queries in your mind about these tremendously fantastic animals.  You are free to put your questions so that we can answer all of them and make you clear regarding each perspective about Beavers


Q1:Do Beavers eat fish?

 Both the species of beavers, the North American beavers and European Beavers, are herbivores.  They do not eat fish.  

 All their food sources and their consumption of food are based on plant and plant materials.

Q2: Do Beavers eat apples?

Yes, Beavers eat apples and they like to munch on apple trees.  In addition to it, they eat Poplar, Maple, Birch, Aspen, and Willow plants as their diet.

Q3: Do Beavers eat eggs

 Beavers have not been seen eating eggs ever.  Both North American Beavers and Eurasian Beavers only eat plant-based materials as their food.

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