How Much Does an Elk Weight? How Tall Is An Elk?


How Much Does an Elk Weight

Have you ever wondered “How much does an elk weigh?” If you like to hunt big animals, you might want to try hunting an elk. They’re really big and it can be a big challenge to hunt them. But what happens after you hunt an elk? How do you transport it and how much does it weigh once it’s ready to eat?

In this article, we’ll give you a complete guide on how to figure out how much an elk weighs and what to do after you hunt one. It’s hunting season for these animals, so if you’re planning on hunting an elk, make sure to read this article all the way to the end so you can get all the information you need. No further delay, let’s jump straight into it.[acf field=”Schema”]

 Adult Elk Height And Weight Range

For people who do not know about this animal, much of the next few lines are for them to briefly explain it.  From the deer and family, Elks are large animals that are found in different parts of the world.  Particularly North America and some parts of Asia.

 You can also see their species in Canada, California, Washington Alaska etc. Elks have many subspecies for example Roosevelt bull elk is among the largest ones it can weigh around 900 pounds to 1300 pounds.

 Meanwhile, Roosevelt cows Elks weigh 575 to 625 pounds.  However, the elk height varies from species to species.

Most female elk have an height of 4.2 ft(1.3m), and male elk have 5ft (1.5m).

 As we have talked about the largest subspecies of elk to the smaller ones on this page.  They can weigh around 372-500 pounds and are abundantly found in California State.

 Now you have the basic information about the size of these animals and what their optimal weight range is.  Hence you can easily gain an idea of their meat and how you will transport it to a specific place.

Why should you know much about elk weight?

You must be thinking why we are giving such detailed information about the weight of elk?  It is very important and we cannot deny this at all.  Elks are approximately 300 kilograms of animals and if you hunt them you have to carry them out of the forest.

 Have you thought about how you will do so?  Definitely, you cannot carry this big animal on your back and take it out.  Nevertheless, you need good transport to do it.

Many hunters take it as pride to hunt a big animal and how much meat they get from it. To get this information you have to exclude the weight of extra things like antlers, bones, skin, etc.

Wondering how much does a bull elk weigh and what is the average meet amount you will get?  In the upcoming section, we will discuss this comprehensively.

Actually, it is a fact that if you are hunting a 600 pounds bull elk then you will not get all the 600 pounds made from it.  There are many parts that are not consumed so it will not count in.

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Key factors affecting the weight of elk

There are many things that are interdependent, deciding the weight of an elk. For example, the elk species that are found in distinct regions climate foods availability, and environmental conditions weight will also be different.  Elk weight and height depend upon the following factors: let’s have a look.

· Antlers

These animals have very large recognizable antlers.  Mainly bull elk have very large and heavy antlers on their head.  On the other hand female Elks or cow Elks do not have any. In this regard, you can easily say that the bull elk antlers will contribute around 40% of their total weight.

Getting into the hunter’s terminology and preference, they like to hunt bulls, Elks.  Also, they can easily recognize them because of their antlers.  These amazing anglers are very valuable and bull Elks provide a greater amount of meat as well.

· Age

 Surely the age of elk matters a lot when we consider their weight and height.  Younger elks or calves can weigh around 35 to 40 pounds.  And after that their size and weight depend upon the food availability and the environmental conditions in which they live.


Here gender also contributes a lot.  How much does a male elk weigh?  Generally, male Elks are heavier than female Elks. Firstly their antlers are very heavy, secondly, their diet and growth rate are also massive.  However, an adult bull elk weighs around 652-730 pounds.

 On the other hand, female Elks that are also called cows do not have antlers on their head.  These weigh around 490-530 pounds. Go Elks do not have a very large amount of meat. As a result, hunters like to hunt bulls Elks.

 Female Elks are generally lean are they younger but the cow elk weight by age increases significantly.

Dressed out and undressed weight of elk

Dressed weight is also termed as the dead weight or carcass weight of the animal. This is the weight that includes all the undesirable portions of the animal-like head, tail, feet, and legs. Also the internal organs for example heart, lungs, intestine add to this weight.

One can easily get the actual weight of the meat by subtracting the original weight and loss of the weight after the animal is dead.  On average 30% of the adult bull elk weight decreased as compared to when it was living.

Boneless weight of elk

It is a very clear fact that Elks have large and heavy bone structures.  And if you debone the complete elk meat then you will only find a little amount of meat from one kill.  For example, it is approximately 280 pounds for an adult bull elk, and for an adult cow, it is approximately 100 pounds.

No, you have a good estimation of what amount of meat you will pack after hunting one adult elk whether it is a bull or cow.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Q1:How much meat can you get from an elk?

If you are hunting a bull elk at its mature age, then after killing and deboning you will get approximately 270 pounds of meat.

Meanwhile, this quantity decreases up to only 100 pounds if you hunt a cow elk.  Because the weight and size of female Elks are smaller.

Q2.How much does a male elk weigh?

The approximate weight of a male elk at its mature age is 592-730 pounds.  The difference in these figures is due to the subspecies variation in the deer family. 

If you are wondering how much the calves of elk are?.  Then it is around about 35-40 pounds on average.

Q3.How much does a deer weigh?

Male deer from the North American regions weigh around 150 to 300 pounds. At their mature age to approximately 400 pounds.  That is around 63 to 138 kilograms.

Q4:how tall is an elk?

Male Elk is 5 feet tall and female 4-4.5 feet tall, which is less than average American female height 5.4′.


So, how much does an elk weigh when it’s ready to transport? We’ve provided you with information on how much meat you can get from one elk, as well as the average height and weight of an elk. This will help you plan for proper transportation.

However, the height and weight of elk can vary based on the subspecies. But the average numbers are a good starting point. We hope you learned a lot from this article. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask. Have a great time during your elk hunting season!

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