Do Elk Shed Their Antlers? How Often Do They Do So?

Do Elk Shed Their Antlers

Elks and many other species from the Cervidae family have antlers on their heads. These are very long and have tremendous weight. Hence these animals are easy to recognize because of their beautiful and massive antlers. 

Indeed people are highly interested in these animals. No doubt there are many interesting facts about these animals, and there are many more to learn about their nature and behavior in their habitat. Mainly in this article, we will cover the subject that; does elk shed their antlers?[acf field=”Schema”]

 There are numerous questions about the antlers of male and female Elks. To solve all the queries about the antlers of these animals, we are Lima sharing this highly beneficial information. 

So if you want to know all the significant aspects regarding the antler shedding behaviour of elks, then stay with us till the last line.

Do Elk Lose Their Antlers?

This Is potentially thanks to an incredible aspect about all the species from curved families. For instance, all this pushes off these family-like moose, Elks, Deer and Caribou share their antlers every year. There will be numerous questions popping in your mind: why do elk share their antlers? Is there any adverse effect if they do not do so? And many other questions regarding this aspect.

Before discussing our main subject about the shedding of antlers by Elks, let us briefly differentiate between horns and antlers. Many people do not know the difference between these two different parts of the animals.

  • Horns

Horns are permanent, and they do not shed in any part of the life of animals. These grow from the base, and almost all female and male hooved species have them on their head. Unique species do not have horns.

 Gods cows buffaloes have horns on their heads that are very strong, and they also help animals protect themselves.

  • Antlers

 On the other hand, there are antlers. These are not permanent, and animals shed them after a regular interval In their life. Shedding antlers is essential for them, and there are many critical perspectives. 

We will discuss them in the upcoming sections of this article.

Antlers are the characteristic of all the species that belong to the Cervidae family. The specialty about these is they are from the tips and keep growing every day.After a specific time, animals shed them and start growing again.

Antlers Shedding Process

It is a common question that; does elk shed antlers every year? So in this section, we will be answering all the aspects. 

First of all, all male Elks shed their antlers in June or at least spring season. Majorly they shut their antlers every year at this time.

 It is a fact that every male starts growing his anglers at the age of 1 year old. And with each passing day, the size of these antlers increases. Approximately this increase is up to 1 inch per day. But it might differ from species to species.  

Why do Elks shed their antlers? The main reason is their vast size. And layers are incredibly massive, and they weigh a lot in their body mass. So these animals Shed their impressive antlers.

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Why is Shedding Antlers Important for Elks?

 Whatever animals do, there is a particular reason behind that thing. As far as the shedding of antlers is concerned, it is also a significant concern. Mainly the shedding of antlers is interconnected with the low levels of testosterone. 

Then no level of testing still decreases in the body. Some other cells called osteoclasts become active because these antlers are made of completely keratin material and calcium. So these cells create juncture of the skull and antlers.

 The impact of these osteoclasts is that they reabsorb calcium from these antlers. As a result, they become weaker and weaker until they drop off independently. We bold now you are very clear that how often do elk shed their antlers? And what is the overall procedure for the shedding of these antlers?

 Antlers shedding time and duration

 Now you want to quote familiar how elks Get rid of gear. Now let’s shed light on the time of year when they drop their handlers. Mainly they shared their antlers from February until April. 

Interestingly, The male Antlers shed their first handler. And after a particular duration or two to three weeks later, they had their second and left as well. Every year elks and other animals with antlers Drop there and chairs and regrow them again.

The Significance of Shedding Antlers

Shedding antlers is vital, and it also has an impact during the breeding time. 

It is a fact that male elks are Attractive to female Elks. And if These antlers are not perfectly shaped and are of ideal size, females do not consider them their best breed.

 In this regard, they can efficiently advert females. Although anglers do not play any role in the United, it is crucial because Females are not straightforward enough to Let another female else transfer genes into the antlers. 

 Even if elk encounter any injury at a young age, it will also impact the growth of your antlers. They would not be shaped ideally. Hence female elks will not meet with them ultimately.

To secure their genetics in their future generations, they shed their imperfect antlers and regrow them.

Does it Hurt When Elk Shed Their Antlers?

 It is also a very commonly asked question by the people who hurt when They shed their antlers. Antlers are enormous, and it is necessary to shut them off regularly. This bony structure is made of keratin, and it is the same material as other fingernails. The leading cause that causes the breakage of this structure is the low level of testosterone in the body.

Generally, After the low testosterone levels in the body, it takes only a few weeks, and all the tissues are broken down. 

After that, they drop them off, which does not cause them any pain. As we cut our nails and we do not feel any pain. The same is the case with the elks shedding their antlers.

No, it is a familiar fact that why do elk shed their antlers? We have given you all the possible reasons they drop their huge old antlers every year and grow them again.


Q1:What time of year do elk shed their handlers?

Generally, all the elk species shared their antlers in winters or at the initial offspring season. If you want to find the antlers of this animal, then Try to find them when the snow cap is low.

Q2:Do elk shed their antlers yearly?

 Yes, Elks shed their antlers every year. 

They mainly shared them in the winter season. Elk shed there both antlers, maybe sometimes together or with a gap of one to two weeks.

Q3:Do female elk have antlers?

There is a common misconception that female elk have antlers on their head. 

But it is not authentic at all. Female elk are almost 500 pounds in North American regions and are called cows.

 They do not have any antlers growing. Only male Elks have massive structured Elks on their head, and they shed them annually.

Q4:hen do Roosevelt elk shed their antlers?

 Roosevelt Elks are one of the species of elk. These animals are also vast, and they shut them between the middle of March to and the end. 

 The time and the once my Tweedy from specie to specie. However, all of them shared their anchors in winters and added the start of the spring season.


 We have very totally discussed how these animals shed their leaves and what time of year elk shut their enters. These antlers are imposing structures that grow every day. 

 The size of these antlers and their growth varies from species to species, the same as the shedding time. 

Commonly all others lose their antlers during the winter season. So if you also want to see these beautiful antlers of Elks, you can also find them in that region after winter.

 We hope now we have touched all the aspects of the shedding process of antlers. Still, if you have any questions regarding their shredding behaviour or the benefits of losing their antlers and growing them again, feel free to ask.

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