Do Elk Have Ivory Teeth?  All Interesting Facts About Elk Teeth

Do Elk Have Ivory Teeth

You will be wondering after reading the title that do elk have ivory teeth. If you haven’t heard about this thing then you are not the only one in this game.  Many people are not aware of the fact that Elks have ivory teeth.  Additionally, these teeth are of great value and considered precious teeth.[acf field=”Schema”]

 In this article, we will be discovering all the amazing aspects of Elk’s teeth and how they are famous all across the globe.  Moreover, we will also put light on where these ivory teeth are used.

 So if this sounds interesting to you then read on this till the end and you will be able to know everything about the ivory teeth of these animals. No doubt these ivories are worth seeing and worth getting. So let’s count all teeth facts of elk.

What are the Ivories of Elk?

Whenever we say the word ivory the first picture that comes to our mind is, the great teeth of elephants. Many people do not know that Elks also have ivory and their ivory is a completely authentic kind of ivory.  These ivory teeth off Elks are from their ancestors.  Several 100 years ago Elks had massive ivory teeth.

 These were helpful in fighting against other animals.  But with the revolution and great time of adaptation, their ivory stage becomes smaller.  For more accurate estimations we can also get an idea from the Muntjac deer.  This is special from the deer family that also has big ivory teeth.  You can find this species in the Central Asian regions of the world. If you want to know what animals have ivory teeth?  Do let us know we will also make a complete list of this subject.

These upper canines or ivory teeth in the ancestral species of elk also helped them to develop social order. Elks have ivory teeths that are used by many Native Americans in there and take jewellery pieces.  

In the next section, we will also tell you how you can take out these ivory teeth from their actual place. So keep reading it so that you can never miss these precious elk ivory teeth.

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Elk Ivory Teeth Structure

Many people do not realise this but elk ivory teeth are present in their upper jaws. The frontal teeth are named “whistles” or “eye teeth”. Definitely, People have given different names to these teeth half elk.  These creative names are different in every region.

 For example, they are named differently in Colorado and different in Mexico State.  If you want to know how much ivory do elk have? All the species of Elks have a pair of ivories in their upper jaw.

We are now very clear in this aspect that or else have ivory teeth.  Similarly, both elk bull and cow have ivory teeth and they are of the same worth.  

What Is The Worth of Elk Ivory?

 It is one of the most precious things in the world for all enthusiasts and jewellery artists. People who like to gather Antic things, prefer to have elk ivory in their collection.  In actuality, we cannot estimate the price of elk ivory.  Their prices are different in different regions of the world.

 Elk ivory has the same composition as the tasks of elephants or other wild animals.  As the tasks of elephants are used in different unique things.  Same as the case with the elk ivory.  Many people like to have them in their rings, pendants, and other jewellery pieces.

 If we count the price of elk ivory in dollars, it is approximately 30 to $40 in the United States.  You might have seen this on many websites, elk ivory for sale.  These websites sell elk ivory teeth online at different prices.

 Mainly these websites go with the bidding sale.  And in these bids elk teeth cell in between 10 to $50 depending upon the species age and gender.  So if you have an interest in buying ivory teeth and also want to surprise your friends around you then there are many online websites.  Visit them and you will surely get a good deal for a pair of elk ivory teeth.

Different Price Range

 We all are familiar with this aspect that Elks are very common animals in North American regions.  But in many countries, this animal is not present. But still, people are fond of having their unique pair of ivory teeth.  The prices might differ in these regions and they will go slightly higher as compared to the United States and other North American countries.

 Let’s touch on another very important aspect for you.  In many countries, it is not legal to trade different body parts of animals for example antlers’ horns, teeth, and other valuable things.

 Same as the case with elk ivory teeth, many states restrict their trading.  So make sure to have complete information regulations in this regard.

 How much are elk ivory teeth worth?  We hope now you are very clear about this question in your mind that what is the estimated worth of elk ivory.

Taking Elk Ivories Out

 Here comes the tricky part: how to take out elk ivories without causing any damage to them.  Many hunters do not know how to take out these valuable ivory teeth from their mouths.  However, some even forget to take them out.

 Surely there are numerous videos that will help you get into a proper way of taking these ivory teeth.  But make sure you do not use any kind of pliers or hammers.  As it will decrease the actual worth of these teeth.

 You might have seen many online selling and purchasing websites for ivory teeth.  They clearly mention that hunters must not use any hard equipment to take them out. 

Why Do Hunters Do So?

Even though hunters do not get very high prices for elk teeth.  Then why do they do so?  Take out the elk ivory teeth so that they can remember their hunting experience.  They might make a ring or pendant from it and wear it.

 It shows gratitude towards themselves for hunting such a big animal.  Nevertheless, you can keep every pair of elk ivory teeth in a box if you hunt them every year.  You never know what the value of these elk ivory teeth will be in the near future.

  Interesting Facts About Elk Ivory Teeth

  • Although the military value of elk teeth is not very high still thousands of people in the world love to buy them and keep them in their antique valuable collection.
  • The price of elk teeth is also decided by many factors.  For example, the younger elk ivory Teeth are more worthy as compared to the older ones.  Because they get pale with time and their colour gets darker.
  • Elks have two ivory teeth or canine teeth that are present in the upper jaw of both males and female Elks.
  • The size of these ivory teeth also depends upon the maturity of the elk.  The younger Elks have ivory that is smaller in size and their worth is also very considerable.  On the other hand, adult Elks have large teeth.  But sometimes they are damaged or not very appealing.

 We hope that now you have got all the necessary information about this question: do elk have ivory teeth?  And what is their actual worth?

 Frequently Asked Questions

Q1:Do all elk have ivory teeth?

 It is a very commonly asked question that all elk species have ivory teeth.  So yes all Alex species found in different regions of the world have canine teeth or ivory teeth.  One can find them in their upper jaws.

Q2. Do female elk have ivory teeth?

Definitely, yes, female elk or cow Elks have ivory teeth.  These teeth of female elks have similar worth as male elks or bull elks gave.

Q3. How much are elk ivory teeth worth?

The price of the canine teeth of these animals is not very high monetarily. It goes around 30-40$ in North American countries. In other parts of the world, their worth or value changes with different factors.


 It is very clear now that all elk species found in different regions of the world have ivory teeth.  Although their names are different, for example, eye teeth, burglars, or whistles.  But these are all names meant for the single ivory or canine teeth off Elks.

 There is a complete market for selling these valuable ivory teeth of Elks.  For that reason when hunters haunt them they take out these teeth to sell them in the marketplace.

 Some hunters also keep these with them as the memory of hunting experience in Woodlands.  There are many things that contribute to deciding the worth of these teeth.  For example age, maturity, gender, etc.

If you have anything to ask about these precious teeth of elks then ask right away. We will discuss it all the way to clarify your queries in the best way.

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