Can Chipmunks Swim? A Truthful Answer For The People Who Most often Asked This Question;

Can Chipmunks Swim

Have you ever wondered if chipmunks can swim? Well, the answer is yes! Chipmunks are small furry creatures that live in forests and gardens, and they are actually pretty good swimmers. In this article, we’ll explore how chipmunks swim and why they need to. Some people might find it hard to believe that chipmunks can swim since they’ve never seen it before. But with the help of reliable sources, we can learn more about this interesting aspect of chipmunk behavior. So, can chipmunks swim? Let’s find out![acf field=”Schema”]

For the people who are confused about; Can chipmunks swim? Here we present clear cut detailed answers about it in this blog article!

Let have a look at the facts below;

Can Chipmunk Swim?

Yes, it is weird but it actually happens. The chipmunks do carry the action of swimming. The swimming activity of chipmunks is very confined and concise. They swim for only a few moments and just in case of extreme conditions.

They are not expert swimmers but still carry our water activities in the most concise way. They swim by doing the doggy paddle. They splash so much during swimming.

Chipmunks don’t swim very often, they only do it when they need to. If you have a pet chipmunk, make sure to keep them away from swimming pools because they might get trapped. Chipmunks can swim on their own in the wild, but it’s harder for pet chipmunks.

During their swimming activity, they perform various cleaning and beneficial actions. They took a bath and cleaned themselves. Moreover, they can fulfill their drinking requirements.

Can chipmunks swim?  This statement is also explained by the fact that the people often see the chipmunks sitting on the hard rock right in the middle of the river and any other water reservoir. If people have not seen the chipmunks swimming, they might think, “ How do they get there?

They reach there through swimming actions. Just as they climb on land from one tree to another, just like that they also move through water from one hard rock to the other through the doggy paddle action.

Doggy Paddle Action;

The doggy paddle is a swimming style and action that facilitates the animals to move through the water. This action comprises the chest weight control ability. The chipmunk lay on their chest and started moving their legs and feet in an alternative manner.

Chipmunks are not good swimmers. they put their most energy into moving a small distance in the water. During the dog paddle activity, the tail of chipmunks serves as a rudder.

This swimming style makes the question answerable: Can chipmunks swim?

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Swimming; A Trap

Swimming for chipmunks is also proving to be a tarp. People who want to get rid of chipmunks, most often use the pools and rivers for catching them. because in water they are not so active and swift in water activity.

They are not skillful in swimming and swim just for the sake of need. So whenever you want to remove them from your garden pull them towards the garden pool.

Once they get into the pool or water reservoirs, they do not find any resting position there. Thus, when they are out of the resting area in the pool, they start drowning. At that time you can get them out of the water with the help of a pool net or a skimmer.

The drowning chipmunks got over the skimmer and felt relieved. Thus, in the situation of dizziness, they get out of the yard and garden.


Not all chipmunks are suitable for swimming. Some certain groups of chipmunks are restricted by their flaps. Their flaps do not support the in water and prevent the water motion that will also disturb the whole of the paddling activity. Thus, they won’t be able to swim and make this aspect of chipmunks’ life possible.

As it is stated before, the chipmunks do not swim on a regular basis. They just perform this action at the hour of need

Sometimes the chipmunks are followed or chased by their predators. So in that condition, they accidentally end up with the water reservoirs. Then, for the survival factor, they make a path in water and prepare the body to move across it.

Moreover, sometimes, they get into the water to search for food and during migration, they have to swim through the water so they leave no chance behind. They have to move through the area that contains a water lake, or river in between.

The Final Verdict;

Have you ever wondered if chipmunks can swim? The answer is yes! Chipmunks are great swimmers and can use their tails to help them move through the water. They don’t swim for fun, though, only when they need to. So, if you ever see a chipmunk in the water, don’t worry – they know what they’re doing!

Chipmunks are very active rodents, they move from an area within seconds, but during swimming, they take so much time to cross a little distance. So keeping the guidelines and prevention in front, maintain the chipmunk’s lifestyle accordingly in domesticated habitat!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1:How can we get chipmunks out of the pool?

Chipmunks know how to swim, but they do not know how to get out of the pool. The pool sides have marble and it becomes difficult for them to get aside. Moreover, swimming is always a tiring activity for chipmunks, so whenever you find them struggling with water, then use a net pool or skimmer to get them out of that struggle.

Q2:Why did chipmunks pass through the water during migration?

Sometimes when the population of chipmunks increases in a certain area increases. So in order to make the number of chipmunks in that area normal, they have to migrate to other areas. Otherwise, they might run short of food, and proper diet elements. So in order to reduce this stress they migrate.

During migration, they came across the areas that have a water reservoir in between. So willingly and unwillingly they have to swim to cross the water lake.

Q3:Is swimming a likable activity for chipmunks?

Chipmunks do not like to swim, if they swim, then it might be for a certain time or in needed hours. As they are land animals so they do not preferably swim.

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