What Do Capybaras Eat?

Capybaras are the largest living rodents on the earth right now. These semi-aquatic animals have a short and active lifespan. These organisms are widespread all across the globe. Many people adopt capybaras because of their calm and kind nature.[acf field=”Schema”]

What Do Capybaras Eat

Capybaras don’t have a rich diet, but they have a vast size and weight, which is surprising. They can weigh about 70-75 kgs(150 lbs) and grow up to 1-1.5 meters in length. They are usually found in South America in most abundance. They are also found in some parts of Europe, they are naturally not from Europe, but you can find plenty in zoos and homes. 

Here you will find all the information related to the capybara diet. So read it till the end to know more about these marvelous creatures. 

Are Capybaras Herbivore?

Capybaras are pure herbivores; they don’t eat meat, fish, or small animals on the land. They don’t even eat insects, like grasshoppers, etc., which is weird for a giant herbivore like Capybaras. The only thing that Capybaras eat other than the grass is their poop, more on that later. 

Like all herbivores, the grass is the main thing in the diet of Capybaras. Capybaras can eat a lot of grass in a day, which is also justified because of their massive size and requirements. An adult capybara can eat about 3-4 kgs(7-8 lbs)  of grass per day. 

What do Baby Capybaras Eat?

Baby can start eating grass just a few hours after they are born. They are born with strong teeth that can help them chew grass as soon they are born. A baby Capybara can eat 1.5-2 kgs(3-4 lbs) per day. They eat much less in the first year they are born and start eating a lot once they are sexually mature. 

Baby Capybaras also feed on their mother’s breast milk or any female matured group member. This process shows the sense of unity and community in the capybaras. They always stay in the forms of groups of 15-20 individuals and help each other in every possible way. 

What Do Capybaras Eat On Land and Underwater?

Capybaras live under and out of the water; they are semi-aquatic species. So they have variant diets for both environments. On the land, they eat only a few kinds of grasses and herbs that are stuff in their diet. They cannot eat every herb that they can find. They are particular with what they eat. 

Under the water, they eat aquatic plants and water herbs. They spend most of their time in the water during dinner days. They can stay underwater for 5-10 minutes which is very impressive. They can also give thrives from predators by submerging under the water’s surface. 

What Do Capybaras Eat During Summer?

Capybaras usually live in scorching areas. There is not much grass for them to eat during the summer season. So, they change their diet during hot summer if they can’t get enough grass. They start to eat different fruits and grains for their nutrients. That’s how they survive summers. The things that capybaras can eat during summer are,

  • Reeds
  • Melons 
  • Grains
  • Squashes
  • Pumpkins

These things are now more easily available in the wild during the summer than on the grass. Still, capybaras struggle to find an adequate diet in the summer, adding a sheer lack of grass. 

Why Do Capybaras Eat Their Poop?

Capybaras poop and then eat their poop in the morning; this practice is shared with all rodents; this might sound weird, but it has a reason. Their poop contains microbes from the food of the previous day, which helps them digest the food for the next day. 

Capybaras do this practice more often during summer because they eat melons and grains as the grass is unavailable. Melons, grains, and reeds have more fiber in them, which is very hard to digest; that’s when their poop helps them to break the thread and easily digest their food. 

Adopted capybaras can be trained to poop and eat it in a specific place; unlike other animals, they can’t be trained to poop; they can’t find it later because they need their poop later. 

What Do Pet Capybaras Are Fed?

As discussed earlier, capybaras don’t have a wide range of meals that they can take; you can give only a typical herbivore diet to capybaras. There is no specific pet feed that is made for the capybaras. They should be fed lots of grass and some more grass if possible. 

Capybaras are suggested to be adopted at the age of 4 months. That’s when they are done with breastfeeding and start to eat grass. They can be pretty trained at that age but are not too young to be nursed. When capybaras reproduce, they can be the best possible pet for someone because they can be trained and nursed at home. 

Do Capybaras Breast-feed?

Their mother or any female capybaras nurse baby capybaras. Capybaras nurse for four months, during which they eat a lot less grass than when they grow up. Only 2 kgs are eaten by the capybaras when they are in the feeding stage and 4kgs when they are done feeding on milk. 

This milk feeding helps them grow their body entirely and prepares it to rise to a large size. If the mother’s milk is not available for the baby capybaras, they cannot grow to full size and usually die at a younger age. Usually, not blabby capybaras are left with no one to milk them because anyone can feed them. 

Can Capybaras Eat Meat?

The answer to that is short and straightforward, which is NO. Capybaras can not eat any kind of meat or any other animals. They also can’t eat insects. They are like guinea pigs as both don’t eat any meat, and both only eat grasses. 

So a genuine question is raised: if they don’t eat meat, how do they have all the energy to be active and swim all day long. And how they stain such an enormous size. The answer to that is the amount of grass that they eat every day is more than enough for them to have all that size and energy. 


Capybaras are herbivores, meaning they can only eat grass and other veggies. Mostly they eat grass, but in different conditions, their diet changes with time; like in summers, they rely upon fruits and seeds. In the early stages, they are fed by their mother and other females of the herd. 

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