Are Capybaras Friendly?

Are Capybaras Friendly

Capybaras are the largest rodents found on the surface of the earth today. They are found in South America in abundance and mostly in countries like Brazil and Portugal. They are the cousins of guinea pigs and belong to their families. [acf field=”Schema”]

They are amiable animals, and they don’t hurt anyone if no one bothers them. They can be kept as pets and might become the best partner if you provide them with everything. They can hurt you if you don’t behave accordingly and if they think you will be dangerous to them. 

Here in this article, we will discuss; are capybaras friendly? So, read till the end to learn more about capybara’s behavior. 

Do Capybaras Like to Cuddle?

Capybaras love to cuddle with other capybaras, their owners, or even strangers. They can be friendly to you even at the first meeting if you treat them with love and care. 

Suppose you see a group of capybaras in the zoo and want to play with them. Believe me when I tell you that it is safe and you can just get one and start having fun. But make sure you don’t hurt them. Because they are united, and all of them come after you if you do something wrong. 

Can You Adopt Capybaras As Pets?

Capybaras can be great pets and will love you with their lives. They are considered to be as loyal as dogs, if not more. They enjoy the company of humans and interact with them. They can be fascinating even for your guests. 

They are not as famous as pets as dogs because it is costly to care for them. First, you have to adopt two capybaras because they prefer to have company all the time. Second, you have to build a swimming pool enough for two capybaras to swim. The average price for a capybara is 2000$. 

Are Capybaras Violent?

Capybaras are calm and shy animals and don’t promote violence. They don’t attack anyone, only defend them. They constantly avoid conflict by running away from their predators instead of fighting them. Capybaras have the strength and power to attack small animals, but they prefer to swim in the pond, have fun with their mates, and eat grass. 

Capybaras are pure herbivores; they don’t even eat small insects but only grass (mostly). In the summer season, they eat melons and grains, they are high in fibers, but they still manage on them rather than eating other animals.

They are violent under one condition if someone hurts them or other capybaras of their group. They are united animals and protect each other; the capybara under threat can also call others by making hissing and whistling noises. Though they also fight each other for some reasons, more on that in the following text. 

Do Capybaras Hunt?

As described earlier, capybaras are pure herbivores and don’t eat meat. They only eat grasses and some fruits on some occasions. It is pretty hard to believe because of their size and weight. Other than grass and fruit, they eat their poop which helps them digest. 

However, capybaras are hunted by many predators in the wild. Jaguars are the biggest predators of the capybaras. Other than that, anacondas, caimans, and eagles. Ocelots attack baby capybaras.  Many capybaras are also hunted by humans for their meat and hide. 

Can Capybaras Attack You?

The simple answer to that is NO. Under normal conditions, capybaras will not attack you just because they feel like doing it. There has to be a good reason for them to attack someone. The most common cause is that they will shoot you in self-defense if they feel in danger or are under attack. Even if you are not going to attack them, some of your movements may suggest to them that you are attacking them. 

Other than self-defense, there is no reason for capybaras to attack you. They usually attack in the form of groups, and because they are solid and heavy, it is suggested that you should run for your life if capybaras attack you. 

Do Capybaras Bite?

Even though they are shy and herbivores, they still can bite humans. They have growing teeth and can bite you while just playing with your pet. It is not because they hate you but because their teeth grow continuously. 

They have strong jaws and teeth; they are capable of causing severe damage with their bite. They can leave life-lasting impacts if it is not treated with care simultaneously after the bite. There is also the potential risk of viral or bacterial infection before the taste. You have to get shots to prevent infection. If it is not treated quickly, it can cause severe sickness and kill you if the infection spreads.

Infection is a significant risk, but they don’t have venom in their bite. So you can’t die from just their bite; the only thing you should be worried about is infection.

Can Capybaras Hurt Each Other

As described earlier, capybaras live in groups and are very loyal to each other. But there can be problems among the group. When there is a shortage of food, capybaras can be aggressive with each other for food. Oftentimes capybaras separate from each other during summer to find their own food. 

Capybaras also fight each other for their sexual partner. They can kill their parents or offspring for this purpose. Usually, male capybaras are more aggressive in this regard and tend to fight each other for the sake of the group’s leadership. They kill or at least injure other potential male leaders of the group. 


Capybaras have the reputation of being shy and calm herbivores that don’t usually attack anyone. They are great pets and are loving towards their owners if appropriately treated. They like to cuddle with other capybaras and humans. They don’t hunt other animals for meat as they are herbivores but are attacked by Jaguars. Their bite is not venomous but can cause infection and can kill you if not treated. Though they don’t hurt other animals, they can hurt each other for sexual partners or leadership of the group. 

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