Do Bears Eat Moose?

Do Bears Eat Moose

When animals hunt for food, some of them want to find something really big to eat so they won’t be hungry again for a long time. One of the really big animals in North America is the moose. But because it’s so big, there are many other animals that want to eat it too![acf field=”Schema”]

Yes, bears eat moose; mainly, they prey upon calves as they are easy to hunt. But a grizzly bear can attack moose if they are hungry and in rage. Bears are like humans, meaning they are omnivores, but they love to eat flesh as it will fulfill their nutrient needs quickly. 

Do Moose Kill Bears? 

All it depends on the conditions because a grizzly bear can easily take down a moose. Bears hunt on moose when they don’t have antlers because antlers are a weapon protecting them from predators. Female moose might lose the fight as they don’t have antlers and are weaker than males. 

A male with antlers might defeat bears, but bears are much more clever as they prey upon calves and kill most of them because of their helpless mothers who can’t defend themselves and their babies. 

Do Bears Kill Baby Moose?

Bears are the worst hunters with lots of strength and will keep attacking until their prey stops moving. Bears eat moose calf as they are weak and can’t protect themselves. According to an estimate, around 50,000 calves are born each spring, among which 25,000 calves are eaten by black bears. They kept preying upon calves until they saved their own lives by getting some abilities like running away from predators or swimming. 

Moose And Bear Comparison 

Bears attack moose, making them their worst predators; mainly grizzly and black bears attack moose. Let’s compare bears and moose to see the difference in strength and size.


Bears like grizzlies are the largest omnivores having a length of 3 to 9 feet, a height of 2 to 8 feet, and weighing around 800 pounds. In contrast, black bears have a length of 5 to 6 feet, a height of 3 feet, and weigh about 130 to 660 pounds. While a moose is 6 feet high, 7 to 10 feet long, and weighs around 1400 pounds, making it the largest member of the deer family. 


Grizzly bears are usually white or dark brown, while black bears have different colors and are known as the most colored mammal in North America as there are bears of numerous colors. Black bears have a deep black color with a white chest, and some of them have brown, blonde, and cinnamon color. In contrast, moose have different body colors depending on their age. Mostly they are brown or golden, and baby moose are red-brown. 


Grizzly bears are strong enough to lift weight 0.8 times higher than their actual weight and can use their bite or forepaw to attack their prey. Black bears aren’t much stronger than grizzlies but yet much more powerful to kill a moose with their paws. In contrast, moose use their antlers or kick to protect themselves from predators. They can kick in360 degrees with their strong hooves.

What Do Bears Kill The Most?

Bears are ferocious predators that attack prey larger than their size. They will never lose the fight because of their sharp canines and powerful paws that help them to knock out their target in a few seconds. Bears mostly kill and eat deers, trout, carcasses, and beavers. 

What Bears Love To Eat? 

Bears are omnivores making them plant-eaters as well as animals. Usually, they have been seen earring grass, roots, different fruits, berries, and other vegetation. But if they are on a hunt, they can kill one of the biggest animals, like moose. Yes, bears attack moose to fill their stomach. Despite their size, bears can eat them, other animals like rodents, deers, elk, squirrels, and many other hoofed animals. 

Around 70% of bears’ diet consists of plants and things other than meat. Bears can eat small insects, too, like ants with their tongue. You can expect everything from them. 

What Type Of Bears Kill The Moose?

How Do Bear Hunt?

Bears are specialized in killing their prey with a single attack, but sometimes it takes more to kill. Usually, bears use their sharp canine teeth and fix them on their prey’s neck; they won’t remove them till the target dies. If there is small prey like deers, they use their foreclaw because a single punch is enough to break their spine. 

But if the bear is killing moose or other big animals, they use their spine and bite their neck or back. Their canines are large enough to kill their prey with a single bite. 

Who Is More Dangerous: A Bear Or Moose?

Both are dangerous if they are aggressive, but mostly bears are more dangerous to humans because of their furious nature. They attack humans frequently and might kill them, while moose have calm nature as they love to live in solitary. 

Do Humans Kill Moose? 

Humans kill moose in large quantities because of food and their antlers. Numerous people hunt moose each year. In the 1800s, moose became scarce due to which law was implemented on moose hunting. Nowadays, if you hunt a moose outside the hunting season, you commit a crime and might be charged heavily.

Do Humans Kill Bears?

Beard is killed by wildlife to ensure the safety of hikers, hunters, and anglers. But this happens rarely; mainly, the bear doesn’t eat humans, or there isn’t a bear who eats humans only. Humans can kill bears if they are a danger to them and have taken all the precautions; if you show a bit of laziness while killing a bear, you might get killed by bears as they are much faster and more intelligent. 


Bears like to eat moose, especially the little ones called calves. Every spring, bears hunt and kill many moose babies. Bears are actually one of the main reasons why there aren’t too many moose around. If bears didn’t hunt them, there would be too many moose babies running around!

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