What Do Moose Eat? Complete Guide

What Do Moose Eat

Moose are big animals that live in North America, and if you go hiking, you might see them looking for food. They are part of the deer family, but they are the biggest! They can be taller than horses, up to six feet tall, and they can weigh more than 600 kilograms! [acf field=”Schema”]

Moose is a herbivore animal that can rely upon plants to fulfill its body’s nutritional needs. They are the animals of winter, that’s why in summers they usually stay in the water to maintain their body temperature. Moose diet changes in all seasons depending on the availability of food. 

In this article, we will discuss the moose diet, things that a moose can eat, and what types of things they should not. 

What Do Moose Eat in Winters? 

In America, snow falling is usual, and moose love to live in cold temperatures, but they can’t find much food in harsh winters because everything is covered in snow. Moreover, they need more food to survive as more energy is required to warm their bodies and defend themselves against predators. 

Usually, moose eat willow in winter because of its high protein content. Other than this, they can eat Black Poplar and Trembling Aspen. When winters get more severe, there isn’t any greenery to eat; they can eat barks from the standing trees as well as from the fallen trees. They don’t know whether they are nutritious or not; they consume barks to fill their stomachs. 

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What Do Moose Eat in Summers?

Moose eat several plants in summers as it’s the best time to store as much fat as they can that will be beneficial to them in winters. In summers, moose eat grasses and other types of plants too, but their 80 to 90% of summer diet consists of willow. You can consider willow as their favorite meal during summers.

In summers, moose love to stay in the water and eat aquatic plants like duckweeds and marsh reeds. Water will help them maintain their body temperature and eat aquatic plants changing their mouth taste. 

What Do Moose Eat in Fall? 

In fall, the moose’s first target is to migrate somewhere else, finding the best place with abundant food and water. They migrate before winter as food shortage is the biggest issue they face. Moose eat Aspen in fall as these trees remain green round the year. They can eat other things too, but Aspen comes at the top. 

What Do Moose Eat in Spring?

In spring, there’s greenery all around; you will find plenty of fruits, trees growing again. In winter, they lose their originality and start dying due to snow, while spring brings new life to them. Moose become fatigued even though many die during winters because of food shortages. 

Moose eat fruits and vegetables in the spring; they eat whatever they like to regain strength. They are usually fed on watermelons, brussels sprouts, and other accessible food items. You might see moose around agricultural areas and the farms in spring as they need a nutritious meal to overcome their weakness and store more fat for upcoming winters.vv

What Plants Do Moose Eat?

Moose love to eat different plants, including trees, flowery plants, veggies, and other aquatic plants. Moose are known as Browse as they eat from higher plants instead of bowing down to eat grass like grazers. Different  categories of plant that moose eat are as follow, 


Just like other taller animals, moose prefer to eat from tall plants. From trees, they eat leaves, twigs, shoots, and buds. They can eat barks of fallen trees to survive in winter different they eat as follow, 

  • Willow 
  • Poplar 
  • Aspen 
  • Maples
  • Birch 

Aquatic Plants 

In summers, moose spend most of their time in the water, making them eat the aquatic plant. They can eat plants from 18 feet of depth as they can survive underwater for around 50 seconds and bite underwater. Some aquatic plants moose eat are, 

  • Hornworts
  • Pondweeds
  • Water Lily
  • Horsetails  

Flowery Plants 

Moose are relatively more attracted to flowery plants in spring. They can eat flowers and the shoots of the plant; if there is a garden around the forest where moose live, you might face moose eating flowery plants from your garden. Different flowering plants moose eat are,

  • Tulipa 
  • Bluebells
  • Lilac 
  • Labrador Tea 
  • Sunflowers 

Nut Trees 

Moose eat nut trees in woods if they don’t find vegetation, especially in winters. In forests, nut trees are in abundance so they can eat them in harsh winters. Nut trees that moose eat are, 

  • Hazelnuts 
  • Walnuts 
  • Chestnuts 
  • Acorns 

What Does Baby Moose Eat?

A moose mother takes care of her infant for the next five to six months until it grows up to feed itself. In the first four weeks, baby moose drinks mother milk to strengthen his ones and help antlers grow. Moose milk is highly nutritious, containing high-fat content. After four weeks, the baby will follow his mother and eat the same her mother eats. 

What Type of Food does Moose Prefer? 

Moose are a huge animal due to which they need food that is high in nutrition to fulfill their nutrients needs. You might think about how this gigantic animal meets its nutrient need with plants. They eat only those plants that are highly nutritious and can help to make as much fast as they can. Moose consume flowers, fruits, fresh shoots, and aquatic plants as they are high in nutrition. 

Worst Things A Moose Can Eat?

Sometimes moose can eat dangerous things like old trees that have numerous harmful microorganisms like bacteria that could be fatal. Some aquatic plants are also toxic as snails in the water attached to aquatic plants contain a parasite called brain worms. These worms cause neurological damage and could lead to their death.  

How Do You Feed To Moose?

Moose are wild animals, and it’s against the law to feed them in the US. Instead of feeding them, we can make sure they have a big space to roam and lots of plants to eat. If we have pet moose, we can give them extra vitamins and nutrients they need. It’s not a good idea to keep them locked up because they like to walk and explore in the woods.


Q1:Do Moose Eat Berries?

Yes, moose can eat fruits like berries, apples, watermelon, etc. Moose are herbivores, so eating berries for him is not a new thing. They can eat all the nutritious food as berries are delicious too.  

Q2:DO Moose Eat Meat?

No, moose can’t eat meat as they are herbivores. They might eat meat like insects and small fishes while consuming grass and aquatic plants. This happens unknowingly, but they will never eat meat even if they die from hunger if they can’t find greenery or tree bark. 

Q3:Do Moose Eat Fish?

Moose is a herbivore animal eating grass, plants, and tree bark. The flesh is not included in their diet. However, they might consume fish while eating aquatic plants. 

Q4:Do Moose Eat Grass?

Mostly Moose eat leaves from the tall tree as they are known as browse and are not included in the grazers. Sometimes, they can eat grass to fulfill their nutritional needs. 

Final Thoughts 

Moose can eat various plants from fresh to fallen and can eat aquatic plants. Their diet is only limited to greenery as they are herbivores. In winter, food shortage leads to fatigue; that’s why they eat more in summer to store more fat in their body. Be careful if you see any moose; don’t feed them because it’s illegal. 

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